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TOP-5 offer types for TikTok ads in 2023

Hello guys! Tiktok social network continues to gain popularity worldwide, retaining its attractiveness as an advertising platform not only among marketers, but ordinary publishers as well. We offer you to get acquainted with the trends on offer types on TikTok in 2023.
TOP-5 offer types for TikTok ads in 2023
Amazingly, with the launch of TikTok, users began to watch less TV, as evidenced by a recent study that the company collected on its users in the US, Canada and Europe. The first 35% of the surveyed users admitted that they began to watch TV less or wholly abandoned it, replacing it with TikTok. Another 45% of users confessed that they began to spend less time on dating apps, preferring TikTok. 

The other 46% of the surveyed users admitted that watching videos on TikTok absorbs attention so much that external factors make it difficult for them to be distracted. And this level of engagement attracts more and more advertisers to the platform.​

TOP-5 offer types for TikTok ads in 2023

TOP-5 TikTok Advertising Offer Types

So, grab a cheat sheet with trends and keywords on TikTok, which will help you prepare a better advertising campaign and TOP-5 offer categories that you can run on TikTok today.
  • Beauty&hair. Creams, vitamins, cosmetics, beauty accessories, everything that will help your audience stay healthy and beautiful. TikTok users pay special attention to health, and the “healthy lifestyle” trend has been at the top for more than a year;
  • Sport&fitness. Following up a healthy lifestyle, the fitness&sport offer type has not disappeared anywhere. Sport goods and nutrition, home workouts, food diaries and healthy habits - any opportunities to take care of your health at home will be popular in 2023;
  • Fashion&shoes. Imitating influencers, dressing up as your TV shows and talk shows favorite characters, and collecting celebrity looks will never be old-style. The trend towards imitation has so captivated the world of customers that dozens of stores began to mark labels “this look is on TikTok”;
  • Fun&games. Mobile games and apps with fun content, even though don't set a leading position on TikTok, still retain users' interest. The ability to operate interactive advertising increases the interest of users in this app;
  • Travel offer category. Hotels, flights, tickets, bookings, etc. The keyword “Book” has more than 27 million views on the platform. Users worldwide continue to plan vacations, honeymoons and themed trips, and TikTok offers its platform to reach the target audience 

One of the main features of TikTok is its young audience. The majority of platform users are 16-24 years old, and this fact has to be anticipated when choosing products for advertising. In addition, TikTok is still dominated by women, more than 60% of users on the platform are female.

TikTok is a great platform for advertising, but for a successful campaign, there are many features of the platform that must reckon with. Pay attention to trend industries, choose your target audience, and use interactive formats.
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