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How to Create a WhatsApp Chatbot

Hey, peeps! Recently we wrote about how to create and set up a Facebook chatbot. But since messengers became the main platform for seller and buyer communication over the last year, WhatsApp continues to gain its popularity. And while there are a lot of platforms for bot creation in FB (social network even offers automated responses), it’s not that easy with WhatsApp. Today we will explain how to create a chatbot for WhatsApp, one of the world’s most popular messengers.
How to Create a WhatsApp Chatbot
Chatbots for WhatsApp are not that popular as for Telegram or Facebook, that’s why it’s so important to choose and develop your niche now before competitors bank the profit.

How to Create a WhatsApp Chatbot

What Is the Purpose of WhatsApp Chatbot?

This new business tool helps to attract and keep customers in a messenger. Many clients are tired of the usual landing pages. They prefer direct contact with the seller. Except for those perks that other platforms have, WhatsApp shows the contact information of the user that joined the chat, giving an excellent opportunity to expand the client base.

Those who write you in WhatsApp are already interested users, so the chance of getting a ban is small even if you are selling shady goods. Besides, texts in messengers are rarely ignored and get read immediately. A well-constructed chatbot can significantly boost traffic conversion, process the leads automatically and efficiently, and even provide analytics of all customer’s actions.
WhatsApp is especially useful in cases when the client needs some “live” communication to warm up. And it’s an excellent option for dating! The idea of personal contact via WhatsApp warms leads much better than a banner ad or an email. 

Proper WhatsApp bot configuration can be useful almost in any branch of arbitrage: gambling, sweepstakes, instant payday loans, surveys, custom diets with products for weight loss.
It is important to understand that WhatsApp is a fantastic tool for successful traffic monetization if not for a promotion per se. Thus for a maximum effect, it should be used in combination with other resources. 

A Guide to Creating a WhatsApp Chatbot

WhatsApp does not have an API available for public use.

How to Create a WhatsApp Chatbot

Chatbots won’t work without it, so Flow XO, ManyChat, or ChatFuel won’t help. Only Android users of business accounts have automated WhatsApp responses, even though its functionality is relatively poor.

Only WhatsApp Business API, WhatsApp customer messaging channel, helps to set up chatbot officially. But its price starts from RUB 10,000 per month for small businesses and RUB 20,000 for large companies. Despite the high price, the number of providers who can connect you to the channel is meager. And it takes up to three weeks. That’s why it is so hard to find a FOC WhatsApp chatbot constructor. It won’t be a free ride with WhatsApp bot, even with those platforms that help to build one for Telegram and Viber.
Here is our list of constructors that have a free trial period for WhatsApp chatbot building:
  • W-constructor - 1 day;
  • SaleBot - 3 days;
  • UnitBot - 3 days;
  • - 14 days;
  • WatBot - 14 days.
We’ve chosen a popular SaleBot constructor. It is cross-functional as one bot can be used in Telegram,, Facebook, Viber,,,, and of course, WhatsApp. SaleBot allows creating a chatbot by yourself or ordering one.

How to Create a WhatsApp Chatbot
To register with SaleBot, you need an email and a password, also you can use Facebook or accounts to get authorized. The registration process takes about a couple of minutes. This website is in Russian, but the Chrome browser can easily translate it for you. SaleBot is intuitive, so even not a very experienced developer can use it.

Step-by-Step WhatsApp Bot Creation

Register with Salebot. Click the “Create a project” button after. Name the project and click “Done”.

How to Create a WhatsApp Chatbot

Click “Funnels” in the menu to the left and create a message plan. This interface helps to construct a scheme of bot’s communication with a client. It consists of blocks that allow users to get the information they need. The scheme needs to be short and straightforward, as the customer can get tired and ditch the chat. The best option is to create about five-seven blocks. 
How to Create a WhatsApp Chatbot

In the right part of the window, there is an area for text editing and building a sequence of messages. The greeting is the first thing the client should get from the bot. This block has a green color. 

How to Create a WhatsApp Chatbot

Then it’s better to develop the conversation step by step. Our example shows a dialogue with a flirting girl, and the bot is intriguing the client with a photo from a shower and then sends a link to a dating website.

Our bot is ready, and now we can test it by clicking the “Test the bot for free” button at the bottom of the page. As you can see, it works great. 

How to Create a WhatsApp Chatbot

To integrate the bot into messenger, click the “Messengers and Chats” tab in the menu to the left and then choose “WhatsApp”. Here you can also integrate the bot into Telegram,, Viber, and other platforms.

How to Create a WhatsApp Chatbot

After adding a telephone number, click “Done”.

How to Create a WhatsApp Chatbot

Finish the WhatsApp chatbot authentication by scanning a QR code with the mobile app. The most important thing is that WhatsApp should be active only on the phone or in SaleBot, not on PC; otherwise, it won’t work.

How to Create a WhatsApp Chatbot

Then there is a window with authorization status and connection status of the chatbot. Remember that for the WhatsApp bot to work correctly, the cell phone linked to the account has to be turned on and have an internet connection.
Let’s test our bot in WhatsApp:

How to Create a WhatsApp Chatbot

Everything works! Our chatbot is ready!
Setting up WhatsApp chatbot won’t take a lot of time, while it can considerably improve your work by providing round-the-clock interaction with clients. Note that the SaleBot portal can also track conversions, edit the lists of bot’s message recipients, and customize the integration with CRM.


It is pretty evident that advertising in WhatsApp is top-notch vs. a usual site because this service saves clients’ time, which means that they won’t give up on the stage of filling out some boring form.

The development of WhatsApp chatbots has its specifics. Still, the benefits are numerous: the efficient processing of leads, integration with CRM, saving human resources, increased conversion, and analytics for all customer actions. It’s quite likely that soon chatbots replace sales managers and revolutionize the entire market.

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