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How can we help webmasters in Ukraine?

The emergency taking place in Ukraine has affected every webmaster, and the consequences of the war that Putin has unleashed will affect all of us. Our editorial office is near Kiev, not far from the hostilities, and there are interruptions in communication and electricity. We hope to restore our usual working rhythm in a couple of days, we have a lot of interesting work to do. We'll keep you posted! Until then, read how you can help webmasters in Ukraine today.
How can we help webmasters in Ukraine?

Stand up in support of Ukrainian webmasters, help in any way you can!

We know that Ukraine will stand and withstand Russia's attack. I see webmasters, heads of mediabuy teams, entrepreneurs, IT specialists leaving their families and joining the Territorial Defense of their cities to protect their families, their future from the Russian occupation, and even the most apolitical guys, now looking for ways to help the Ukrainian army, Ukrainian volunteers and citizens of Ukraine. You, too, can join in supporting the Ukrainian arbitrators. What to do?

Organize an evacuation. If you are an affiliate, an advertising network, or a marketing agency, organize evacuation of webmasters' families to safe areas of Ukraine, away from the fighting. Real action is more important than higher offer rates and articles about top affiliate offers. Offer to help, if you have room in your car to take someone else with you, post in the comments of this post.
Please don't discuss in public the details of your location (street, house, public facilities nearby); include your town, contacts for contact and how many people you can pick up.

Team up and follow to the evacuation centers. If you can't get out of town safely, find the nearest shelter, and help evacuate others.

Keep in touch, and share verified information. Keep in touch with arbitrators you know from other cities, even that support will be helpful!

Donations for the Ukrainian Army. To help Ukraine, to protect cities and families, props for financial aid to the Ukrainian Army: IBAN: UA223226690000026007300905964 

Share and likes are also helpful. If you can't help locally, but you want to support Ukraine - spread the information from official BBC Ukraine sources, Unian on social networks, share it with your family and friends. Promptly complain about fakes on the network, mark reports on pages with deliberately false information.
Pull yourself together, don't give in to panic and provocations, and keep the situation under control.

Get rid of the information noise, it makes no sense to read every news site, find 1-2 verified sources and follow the information once a day to stay informed. 

Keep an alert backpack of documents and essentials handy.

Sign up for the Territorial Defense of Ukraine if you are ready to defend your city.

If possible, take your relatives out of the war zone, if there is no safe way to leave, stay home, do not go outside, do not go near the windows. To avoid panic, follow the advice.

Remember that you are not left alone with the russian orcs, you are protected by the Army of Ukraine, with an uninterrupted flow of modern armor, equipment and ammunition from Europe and the United States. Behind you, fellow arbitrators, family and friends, who are ready to put their shoulder. And holy shit, you are now chewing out your right to freedom, independence and the right to stay alive. Don't give up and put your power where it's most useful to you! Glory to Ukraine!
Feel free to share. We'll happy to create helpfull articles!

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