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Industry News 0 841 22 may, 2023

Wix uses Google Ads for Paid Adv Campaigns

Google Ads with Wix integrate a feature that lets users generate Google Ads straight from the Wix platform. By using this function, Wix customers may speed up the process of creating ads, increase traffic to their site via Google Ads, and boost conversion rates.
Wix uses Google Ads for Paid Adv Campaigns
Now users may customize ad settings, provide ad content, and select a campaign budget when building their Google Ads campaign. Wix's campaign creation tool is effective and instantly allows tracking any traffic, leads, and sales that the campaign generates.

Google Ads' content and keyword theme ideas may assist users in creating the most alluring advertisement possible to draw in customers who are actively looking for what their company has to offer.

Wix uses Google Ads for Paid Adv Campaigns
When Wix users select their campaign budget, they optimize the whole campaign in accordance with their unique keyword themes, distributing the cash to serve customers with search intent that is similar to their company and to enhance the likelihood that they will do business with them. 

Additionally, customers gain from precise ad conversion monitoring since it can be embedded onto their website without manual data flow setup. Users get a report that includes information about the campaign's effectiveness as well as recommendations on how to make the drive more effective in the future.
Why Is It Important? According to Wix's Head of User Marketing, Kobi Gamliel:

Traditionally, developing a campaign may be difficult and time-consuming. Users can effectively design campaigns to generate traffic via search, which is a critical instrument to boost brand exposure and revenue, by making this process quick and easy. Users may save time and better optimize their marketing efforts from inside Wix thanks to this connection, allowing them to reach the proper audience and keep expanding their businesses

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