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Industry News 0 911 21 jul, 2023

Where to get Affiliate traffic sources for Essy niche

Hello, guys! AlienCPA team in touch. If you want to run the essay niche but have doubts about which affiliate traffic source to pick, pay attention to the case from the Edu-Revenue team. These guys show us which affiliate traffic source converts better and how much you can earn on essays for students. How much you can earn in Essy niche? Let's roll this question together!
Where to get Affiliate traffic sources for Essy niche
The key methods to fish affiliate traffic in the Essy niche are SEO, PPC, social networks and "Question&Answer" services. Let's go through each of these methods separately, understand its features and profitability for the publisher.



The easiest way to generate affiliate traffic is where the publisher can apply his SEO skills without breaching net promotion terms&conditions. Practical affiliate traffic tools include review sites and coupon sites.


Review sites

Although such resources are not as easy to create as one-page pre-landers, they "warm up" the user. According to statistics, those who switch from reviewers to the service have 3x times higher CR in sales.

A user who visits such a site perceives the content on it, not as an advertisement, but as a real review of the service with reviews from a real user, which greatly increases the credibility of the services of such a site, of course, when the service is rated positively by the creator of this site.

Where to get Affiliate traffic sources for Essy niche
Initially, you need to evaluate competitors' review sites and coupon sites, and analyze the structure of sites, their optimization and promotion strategy, and keywords. For this analysis, Edu-Revenue team recommends operating with SEMrush, Ahrefs, and Similarweb.

After a qualitative analysis, you can start creating your site. First of all, Edu-Revenue managers advise you to pay attention to the formation of a high-quality semantic core of the site, as well as the structure of the site.

To sum up, it is necessary to audit the site, that is, its external and internal optimization: filling the site with useful content, analyzing page loading speed, and so on. An example of a good Review site:

Where to get Affiliate traffic sources for Essy niche

Discount sites

In addition to review sites, coupon sites are also popular in the Essy niche, where webmasters place discount coupons for academic writing services. Many affiliate programs give webmasters fat discount coupons for their sites, as this increases the desire of students to purchase essays.

Where to get Affiliate traffic sources for Essy niche

Google Ads, Facebook and Instagram

Even though the niche is considered "gray" on Facebook, numerous webmasters successfully set up ads and run their affiliate traffic and sales. One of the tips: do not notify directly in the text of the ad phrases indicating that the service provides paid services for writing academic essays.

For example, "write my paper, order essay, buy dissertation", and use more neutral phrases, for example "help with essay, assist with homework", and so on. 
Where to get Affiliate traffic sources for Essy niche

Reddit & Quora and Some Social Networks

Top forums in the English-speaking community, such as Reddit and Quora, are a great way to fish affiliate traffic for free. Here, you have to look for target branches for help writing student essays, where the target audience chat. With the right approach, you can get a lot of sales. The advantage of this method is that it practically does not require investments, while you will have to spend more time on the forums and work more manually.

On Reddit, all popular branches are at the "Top" using the upvote system. The webmaster creates an account, and replies in essay-themed threads, on the topic of the thread, you can create your own with thematic queries. Reddit itself advises you to start with r/explainlikeim5 or r/askreddit, create branches on essay writing, study life hacks, and natively mention the service you like for writing student papers.

Where to get Affiliate traffic sources for Essy niche
It is important to show that you are a real person, you did not just come to earn money. To do this, Edu-Revenue managers recommend writing not only about the service you are promoting, but also, for example, posting funny memes, such topics allow you to collect free upvotes in large numbers. 


As a result, the Essy niche is still as profitable as it was, and will only gain momentum, since higher education is fashionable and prestigious. And among the students, there will always be those who would rather pay for the finished work and relax than spend a couple of evenings writing.
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