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Industry News 0 565 14 may, 2023

Microsoft Advertising launches chat API to monetize AI chat

Howdy guys! Microsoft Advertising unveiled the advertising for chat API, a new API that enables publishers, online services, and applications to serve advertisements via conversation. This is part of the company's concept to create a new "monetization engine on Internet".
Microsoft Advertising launches chat API to monetize AI chat
According to Microsoft, the new Chat API will let websites and applications tailor their chat experiences, choose the ad formats that suit them best, and include relevant advertisements for their target markets.

With the new chat API, advertisers on websites and applications displaying advertisements from Microsoft or other firms may create their own chat experiences.

So, publishers that integrate chat into their website or app have the chance to profit by applying what Microsoft Advertising has learned about how to offer appropriate advertising in the conversation.

Microsoft Advertising launches chat API to monetize AI chat
As the monetization specialist, "our goal is really to focus with publishers on the monetization piece and to be the expert there, and for them to bring to the table what's going to be best for their audiences and create the best overall experiences".

Publishers can now reach and interact with audiences in new, contextually relevant, and tailored ways by integrating AI-powered chat experiences. Microsoft is using the API to connect with publishers and other partners in order to jointly develop the next wave of chat experiences.

Advertisers may forge deep relationships with consumers, improve brand image, and ultimately increase ROI by using these sophisticated chat platforms. Additionally, the flexibility provided by APIs enables the creation of unique ad formats, allowing marketers to tailor their campaigns based on the local experience and target demographic, ensuring that advertising efforts continue to be efficient and non-intrusive.
Moreover, Microsoft unveiled the revamped Bing in February, bringing conversation to search. Over half a billion talks have already been powered by Microsoft Bing, which currently has 100 million daily active users. Company is gradually providing advertising in these discussions, one vertical at a time, making them unobtrusive.  Sainsbury-Carter said:

Integrating ads into chat and into the flow of conversation when you're specifically asking about these things is pretty powerful

Microsoft also place a lot of emphasis on doing the fundamentals well. With new technologies, as you would expect, company are paying special attention to overall optimization in the ad experience and really fine-tuning the market to make sure we're presenting the proper, relevant advertising in relation to this much richer context that we are able to get via the conversational mode.
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