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Industry News 0 516 21 mar, 2023

Google Bans Ludomania Help Services Ads, Skipping Gambling and Betting Ads

Howdy guys! Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation complained to The Guardian that Google is equating the VRGF's ads with casino ads and shamelessly ban them. At the same time, the idem company claims that Google skips ads for gambling and betting niches. The company didn’t realize the reasons, the mates don’t catch how to cloak and farm accounts, that’s why they scold Google and TikTok for some reason. Let's figure out what's the matter.
Google Bans Ludomania Help Services Ads, Skipping Gambling and Betting Ads
The AdNet (advertising network) scandal was triggered by Sportsbet's deal with TikTok. Yes, you get the sense, a large international betting company has agreed to advertise its sites in the most hype social network of the decade. Sportsbet decided to attract the female audience of TikTok to their betting sites via fashion bets on Rihanna, who also has an advertising contract. Yes, yes, you think you heard right, women are offered to place bets on Rihanna's look and how long she is going to sing.

Google Bans Ludomania Help Services Ads, Skipping Gambling and Betting Ads
It was this event, according to VRGF, that caused the influx of online gambling and betting advertising, and the company is concerned about the growth rate of the popularity of various betting sites and casinos.

But the worst thing is that a company that helps gamblers to overcome their addiction cannot inform users about its services because the algorithms of AdNet equate their advertising with casino ads. Personally, we find it hard to believe this, it is unlikely that VRGF operates the same creatives that gambling publishers use. Or they use gold coins, treasure chests, or incoming pushes from the bank.

However, who knows. There is a common mistake of moderation algorithms, when a triggers combo, coupled with keywords, puts the “gambling” label on an ad even before the advertisement cabinet falls into the hands of human moderation.

Google has already denied the Foundation's statements: We’re constantly working to improve the accuracy of our enforcement systems and we apologise for any inconvenience this caused the advertiser

Examining the situation, Google representatives claim that after receiving a ban request review, VRGF advertisements were manually moderated and allowed to be shown.

The US treatment service is facing a similar problem after its publications have been blocked by TikTok.

I’ve spoken with my team and our ad policy department, and they are unable to work around the issues that are preventing you from advertising, a US-based TikTok employee told the company last week

The Guardian reached out to TikTok for a response.TikTok spokeperson said that the advertising were strictly regulated and only shown to people who were 21 or older. Also, their frequency was limited, and consumers had the option to avoid viewing ads.

The demand for help services for gamblers who are addicted to gambling is growing yearly, and the pandemic and total seclusion only exacerbate the situation. And charities that help gamblers cope with addiction shouldn't have to go roundabout ways to advertise their services.
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