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Industry News 0 1 248 27 jul, 2023

Google Ads has new tools for promoting advertising campaigns

Hello, guys! We know that the largest social and advertising platforms try to implement AI algorithms as soon as possible to promote their products to customers even more effectively. In this land, Google seems to want to outrun all its competitors. The company recently rolled out new app advertising tools to Google Ads to help improve ad relevance. Let's find out the reason!
Google Ads has new tools for promoting advertising campaigns
The new advertising tools and PPC formats will reportedly be active for Google Search, Play, Discover, AdMob and YouTube Publishers can now enable ad group channel filtering, ad inventory, and seasonal adjustments.

Google Ads also has improvements to deferred direct links (DDLs), so users can now attach DDLs at the ad group level, allowing users to deep link to apps that match the theme of your particular ad group.

Google Ads has new tools for promoting advertising campaigns
In addition, there was a function to activate the automatic installation of the application for users who have passed pre-registration to reduce installation difficulties. And Google Ads has improved query-to-app matching with dynamic search ads to improve ad relevancy and automate creatives in Google search.
Additionally, Google has extended the YouTube Shorts ad experience by adding an install overlay to make it easier for users to download the app and make it more contextual.

Thus, Google is expanding the format of online cooperation with advertiser partners, motivating the latter to actively use their platform by providing new promotional tools.
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