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Google Ads has an option that grants better Relevance and Performance

Hola, amigos! Who says that there isn't an option that doesn't grant the most relevant reach and conversion features? According to Google, this statement may seem disputed, but this is the Broad Match option. Google says that the whole secret is negative keywords, which allow you to get more search queries than with exact and phrase matches. What is behind such a judgment? Let's figure it out.
Google Ads has an option that grants better Relevance and Performance
According to observations, the exact match type is now more forgiving to "close variants". This led to a review of sponsored search account performance at the match-type level, which produced some crucial information for PPC publishers.

Data from customer accounts over the last 12 months was reviewed to look at Google Ads account performance by match type. These are the main conclusions:
  • The lowest cost per click (CPC) is for broad match. The hypothesis holds that less targeting results in less competition and reduced costs;
  • The greatest click-through rate (CTR) is driven by exact match. The greater the response rate, the more relevant the advertisement is to users;
  • Phrase match has the highest CPC and cost per conversion and performs the lowest. Its CTR is just marginally superior than wide match;
  • The lowest cost per conversion is with broad match. Although it has the lowest conversion rate, the expense of acquiring visitors makes up for it.

Google Ads has an option that grants better Relevance and Performance
The data reveals that performance has been steady despite the development of AI techniques, proving that users' and marketers' usage of match types has not changed considerably over time. Here are some pointers for using wide match in Google Ads effectively:
  • Use negative keywords to filter out pointless queries;
  • Use ad extensions to increase the relevance of your advertising to the queries they display for;
  • Observe outcomes and modify campaigns as necessary depending on CTR and CPC.

When utilized properly, broad match may be a powerful tool. You may reach a larger audience and improve the outcomes of your Google Ads campaigns by making data-driven choices and heeding the advice provided here.
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