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Case study: 35805 USD on gambling offer via Facebook

Hola, guys! Have you already run affiliate traffic for iOS? For the first time, webview iOS apps were seriously developed at the end of 2019. There are three methods to run traffic in this niche: organic, ASO, and web2app (Justlink/Onelink). Justlink is a unique technology you can track (track) the advertising path of 98% of users, bypassing iOS 14+ restrictions. We've examined the TeamFive case, the material turned out to be excellent. Let's go!
Case study: 35805 USD on gambling offer via Facebook

Case summary  

  • Team: TeamFive
  • Offer type: Gambling
  • Offer: Brazino
  • CPA Network: In-House
  • Geo: Brazil
  • Source: Facebook
  • Period: 01.03.23-08.03.23
  • Spent: 25063 USD
  • Income: 35805 USD
  • Profit: 10742 USD
  • ROI: 42%

TeamFive managers operate with Android, but test new affiliate traffic sources. The iOS audience is not oversaturated with offers, and here you can get a good profit. Publishers chose Justlink because they needed to scale the offer on iOS.

Why Brazzino, Facebook and Brazil?

The team've early operated with Brazil GEO via Facebook, so they decided to try this approach on iOS as well. In addition, TeamFive operated a lot with this GEO, so publishers know the tips&tricks for this audience.

Twelve cabinets were implicated in this test with a replenishment commission of 15%. The team rented high-limit RDP accounts from Trust RDP, which have a high trust and a minimum percentage of bans.

Advertising campaigns were set up for conversions, the “purchase=deposit” event with auto-bet. The target was set only for men 25+. Team also used automatic campaign budget allocation for 200 USD. The lead price - 24.5 USD.

How many and what creatives did team operate?

Two creos - wheel of fortune + lottery. Unfortunately, the team cannot show all the creatives; they are still in action and make profit. Publishers operated the branded Brazino push program. It can be taken from all leading affiliate programs or requested from a direct advertiser. Team also exploited a standard pre-land from iRent.Market. In the app, a wheel of fortune was utilized before the affiliate offer.
Case study: 35805 USD on gambling offer via Facebook  
Since there were many accounts, the costs turned out to be different. In total, 25,063 USD was spent:
  • CPI: 5 USD
  • CPR: 10,9 USD
  • Install2reg: 45,7 USD
  • Reg2dep: 44,5 USD 

Case study: 35805 USD on gambling offer via Facebook
We can see some of the statistics from the cabinets that we managed to save on the screenshots below.

Case study: 35805 USD on gambling offer via Facebook
In total, there were 5012 installs, 2299 registrations, and 1023 deposits (24.5 USD average) with a total amount of 23450 USD. The amount paid to the webmaster under the CPA model was 35805 USD.

Case study: 35805 USD on gambling offer via Facebook
Affiliate traffic for iOS is cheaper than Android, so the competition for a lead will be lower. The most popular Tier-1 and Tier-2 countries, the audience of which is more solvent and with high checks, guarantees users high rates on payouts from advertisers.
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