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Ad creatives that convert in the crypto affiliate offer

Hola-bola, amigos! Lamborghini, yachts, millions of dollars on the niche of ad creatives. Cool! But will they hook somebody in 2023? Unless those who struggled in 2010 still believe the "cash button" exists! In this article, AltairLabs prepared a few creos for crypto affiliate offers you need to “sculpt” to increase CTR. Let's roll!
Ad creatives that convert in the crypto affiliate offer

Specify the minimum deposit

This rule is not mandatory, but it is highly recommended! Take the CIS region. For this GEO, the average deposit starts from $150. Indicate this on the creative in local currency. Operating with USD will force the potential client to count, distract him, and reduce the CTR. Yield tables work great, which show how much you can earn with investments, for example, for different tariffs.

Here is a ready-made version that you can rely on:

Ad creatives that convert in the crypto affiliate offer
It is necessary to make it clear to the client that this is an investment, and he can make a profit comparable to the investment. Affiliate team operated photos of famous people.

Ad creatives that convert in the crypto affiliate offer
For creatives for targeted advertising and pre-landers, AltairLabs managers use bloggers, popular influencers, and musicians. This approach works well and has been tested. However, there is a big problem. Campaigns with "Elon Masks" creos easily and quickly go to ban, which makes it impossible to conduct long-term planning.

Exploit clients' real desires

Sugar daddies in suits against the backdrop of helicopters or luxury cars no longer convert. Customers want to immediately skip this. Team analyzed what the target audience needs nowadays. Let's take the target audience for a Forex affiliate offer.

Often brokers say that this is a businessman or an accomplished entrepreneur. Still, you need to focus on simple hard workers: factory workers, an engineer, a doctor, and teachers. Often these are family guys from 25 to 60 years old, with loans and an average salary of about $300-500 for the CIS and $1,500 - $2,000 for the European segment.

The ideal customer portrait for the crypto affiliate offer is a person 30-ish years old with a stable job, who has a family, children and a desire to earn some extra money or increase investments.

For Forex creatives, managers focus on the fact that the client will be able to buy a conditional Audi A4 of 2008 for $10,000 and take his family to Turkey if we are talking about the CIS or to Miami if it's the EU segment.

Ad creatives that convert in the crypto affiliate offer
Another push: to close loans, rent a good appartment, make a family happy, leave a hated job, finally buy a yacht, or hunting rifle and a bunch of other things. Not a Lamborghini, but real life cases will hook a potential customer!

Promise bonus to a first deposit

Often brokers have offers for new clients. For example, 50% to the first deposit or 10 shares of Apple after registering an account. This can also be displayed on the creative.

However, such affiliate traffic should be coordinated with the call center in advance. If only "freeloaders" come for their shares, then you can be transferred to other operators that do not bring the client to the deposit so effectively. Their time also costs money, so we value it and try to provide quality leads.

Advertising Campaign Optimization Tips

AltairLabs also give 3 tips that will help to avoid entering the wrong target audience and budget clicks.

Set age limitations

On Facebook, children often claim they are 100 years old to circumvent the 18+ restrictions on the social network. In the business campaign, we set the age limit to 63. Otherwise, part of the budget will go to a non-target audience.

Exclude Forex and microloans from the interests of clients

In the first case, the client will probably no longer want to get involved with investments, and secondly, the call center simply will not be able to get through to him if he receives 10 calls from collectors without it.

Operate with the client only if you have a pre-land

Otherwise, you can lose some of the potential leads. It is better to run affiliate traffic for a wide audience and restart with new promotional materials if there was no hook actions.
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