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Trafficake: Affiliate CPA Network Review 2023

Hola, amigos! In this digital era, where the world moves at the speed of a click, the power of affiliate marketing cannot be underestimated. Affiliate CPA networks act as a bridge between advertisers seeking to expand their reach and publishers searching for lucrative monetization options. They provide a mutually beneficial ecosystem, where high-quality traffic meets irresistible offers. Enter Trafficake, the trailblazing affiliate CPA network that sets out to redefine the standards of excellence in the industry. Our team prepared detailed guide on "How to" with Trafficake. Let's roll!
Trafficake: Affiliate CPA Network Review 2023
Offers types
Sports, eSports, Casino
A private manager with own rules and regulations. Offers for all traffic kinds. In-depth statistics. Regular weekly payments made on time. Free rental applications.
Payment systems
QIWI, WebMoney, Yandex Money, Neteller, Skrill, Capitalist
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What is Trafficake?

Trafficake is an affiliate CPA network that offers a diverse range of ad formats and offer types to help advertisers and affiliates maximize their marketing efforts. With Trafficake, you can explore various ad formats that suit your campaign objectives and target audience.

The official affiliate program for such well-known gambling operators as Vulkan Vegas Casino, Casino, Vulkan Bet Casino, and Ice Casino is called Trafficake Affiliates. With the help of this affiliate program, any logged-in webmasters may make money from any kind of traffic source. The website boasts several advantageous features, including weekly payments, a cheap minimum requirement, and a typical commission structure that increases to 60% on revenue sharing. 

The program is based on the recommended clients' net gaming revenue. Additionally, the account managers may set up CPA arrangements and hybrid models. The agents may communicate with the partners in a variety of ways so they can do so comfortably at any time.

Trafficake: Affiliate CPA Network Review 2023
On the other hand, the marketers need to be mindful of the affiliate program's current negative carryover policy. Each of the businesses mentioned here is recognized for providing high-quality services to all of its clients, it can be said. 

The websites use the most dependable payment options as well, ensuring that bettors have no issues making deposits or requesting withdrawals. 

Trafficake Ad Formats

Trafficake provides a variety of ad formats and offer types to cater to the diverse needs of advertisers and affiliates. The marketing materials on Trafficake Affiliates are tailored to each website design or market segment that you want to target. Banners, tracking links, landing sites, SMS marketing, and emailers are some of the assets. 

You have the option to have CPA deals running on your account with Trafficake Affiliates. In order to set it up, the partners must get in touch with the staff team and provide details about their traffic sources as well as an estimate of the weekly traffic volumes they can provide.

Trafficake: Affiliate CPA Network Review 2023
The agents will inform you of the fixed fee that may be triggered on your CPA contract after all the data has been evaluated and approved. Hybrid versions are also available via this affiliate program.

For all webmasters, Trafficake Affiliates offers an active sub affiliates strategy. The suggested partners' earnings under this specific arrangement are subject to a set 5% rate. There are currently no higher levels accessible through sub-affiliation models. 

Trafficake: Affiliate CPA Network Review 2023

Trafficake fees and commissions 

The typical commission structure offered by Trafficake Affiliates is dependent on the money made by the players who have been recommended. All partners that have been approved are able to participate in the plan and may each earn up to 60% of weekly revenue sharing. 

The staff may need to be contacted if the promoters want to get additional specifics about the levels. If you have already registered, however, you may see the rates in your own control panel.

Trafficake Affiliates' marketers must be aware that any negative balances are carried over to consecutive payment cycles by this affiliate program. Since Trafficake Affiliates processes withdrawals on a weekly basis, any negative balances carry over from week to week in the event that the affiliate does not trigger them.

How to sign up Trafficake?

To sign up for Trafficake and start your journey as an affiliate marketer, you can follow these general steps:
  • Visit the Trafficake website;
  • Navigate to the sign-up or registration page: Look for a "Sign Up" or "Sign In";
  • Complete the registration form;
  • Agree to terms and conditions;
  • Submit your application

Trafficake: Affiliate CPA Network Review 2023
Once you have filled out the form and agreed to the terms, submit your application. The network will review your application, and if approved, you will receive further instructions on how to get started as an affiliate with Trafficake.

Withdrawal ways Trafficake

The following payment processors are supported by Trafficake Affiliates: QIWI, WebMoney, Yandex Money, Neteller, Skrill, and Capitalist. The bare minimum is €50. Once every week, payments are sent out.

When considering withdrawal methods, it's important to consider factors such as fees, processing times, minimum withdrawal thresholds, and the availability of different payment options. This information can usually be found on the network's website or obtained by reaching out to their support team.

Trafficake Pros&Cons

An affiliate program called Trafficake Affiliates was created in 2018. It serves as the four separate online casinos' official affiliate program. Here we prepared pros and cons to consider when evaluating any affiliate CPA network:

Pros of Trafficake:
  • Diverse offers: A reputable affiliate CPA network can provide a wide range of offers from different advertisers: sports, eSports, casino;
  • Earnings potential: With a commission-based model, successful affiliate marketers can potentially earn significant income by driving conversions or actions through their promotional efforts;
  • Tracking and reporting: Affiliate networks typically provide advanced tracking and reporting tools, allowing you to monitor your performance, analyze data, and optimize your campaigns for better results;
  • Support and resources: Established affiliate networks often offer support, resources, and training materials to help affiliates succeed in their marketing efforts. 

Cons of Trafficake :
  • Restrictions for a list of countries: Remember that limited nations might vary and rely on each brand;
  • Dependency on the network: As an affiliate, you rely on the network for tracking, reporting, and timely payments.

However, it's best to consult their official website, read reviews from other affiliates, and consider your specific needs and goals as an affiliate marketer.

Trafficake Dashboard

Trafficake CPA network's dashboard is a centralized platform that provides affiliates with tools and information to manage their campaigns, track their performance, and access important data and resources. The dashboard typically offers various features and sections that may include:

Dashboard: Affiliates can create and manage their campaigns, including tracking links, ad creatives, and targeting options.

Trafficake: Affiliate CPA Network Review 2023
Stats and Analytics: The dashboard provides comprehensive reporting on key performance metrics such as clicks, conversions, earnings, and more. Affiliates can analyze data to assess the effectiveness of their campaigns and make informed decisions.

Trafficake: Affiliate CPA Network Review 2023
Offer Catalog: The dashboard may have an offer catalog or marketplace where affiliates can browse and select the offers they want to promote. It provides details about each offer, including payout rates, conversion requirements, and promotional guidelines.

Trafficake: Affiliate CPA Network Review 2023
Payment Information: Affiliates can view their earnings, payment history, and payment options within the dashboard. They may also have access to payment settings to manage their payment preferences.

Trafficake: Affiliate CPA Network Review 2023
Support and Resources: The dashboard may provide access to support channels, FAQs, and educational resources to assist affiliates in their marketing efforts. This can include guides, webinars, and tips for optimizing campaigns.

Trafficake: Affiliate CPA Network Review 2023
Trafficake's user-friendly dashboard provides affiliates with valuable tools and resources to manage their campaigns effectively. Through the dashboard, affiliates can access real-time analytics and reporting, enabling them to monitor their performance, optimize their strategies, and make data-driven decisions.


Trafficake CPA Network is a promising affiliate marketing platform that has gained attention in 2023. As an affiliate network, Trafficake offers a range of opportunities for marketers to monetize their traffic through cost-per-action (CPA) campaigns. With its focus on performance-based advertising, Trafficake aims to connect advertisers with affiliates who can deliver desired actions, such as sales, leads, or app installs.

While Trafficake is a relatively new player in the CPA network space, it has shown potential in the competitive affiliate marketing industry. Affiliates can consider exploring Trafficake as a platform to leverage their traffic and earn commissions through performance-based campaigns, while advertisers can benefit from accessing a network of motivated and capable affiliates to promote their offers.
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