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Mr.Bet Partners Overview 2023: fees, features, pros and cons

Hey-way, guys! AlienCPA team on the screen and we've prepared the new affiliate network review. Meet Mr.Bet Partners! This is a program designed specifically for anyone who want to register as affiliates to market the casino brand. By joining forces with Mr.Bet Partners, affiliates can tap into a wealth of resources, marketing tools, and generous commissions, all while benefiting from the strong reputation and extensive offerings of Mr.Bet Partners. Let's examine them all!
Mr.Bet Partners Overview 2023: fees, features, pros and cons
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Gambling, Betting
No bundling. No negative carryover. Several payment methods available. Different currencies available. Low minimum payment threshold. Hybrid plans available.
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Capitalist, Skrill, Paxum, WebMoney, Bank Wire Transfer
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What is Mr.Bet Partners? 

Mr.Bet Partners is an online gambling affiliate program associated with the Mr.Bet online casino brand. Affiliate programs like Mr.Bet Partners allow individuals or companies to earn commissions by referring players to the online casino and promoting its services.

The great majority of the games available at Mr.Bet are from the finest providers on the market, including Microgaming, NetEnt, BetSoft, Quickspin, and many more. Mr.Bet provides its customers with a devoted bonus program, VIP advantages, and frequent spin-off competitions with incredible prize pools.

As a member of Mr.Bet Partners, affiliates can access a range of marketing tools and resources to help them drive traffic to the casino and track their referrals. This may include customized tracking links, banners, landing pages, and other promotional materials.

Mr.Bet Partners Overview 2023: fees, features, pros and cons
Affiliates earn commissions based on the revenue generated by the players they refer to Mr.Bet. The specific commission structure can vary, but it often involves a percentage of the net revenue generated by the referred players or a fixed amount per player. Payments are typically made on a regular basis, such as monthly, and can be subject to certain conditions and minimum thresholds.

Mr.Bet Partners Ad Formats and Offer Types

Mr.Bet Partners offers a range of ad formats to support affiliates in their marketing efforts. These ad formats are designed to be visually appealing, engaging, and optimized for different platforms. Here are some common ad formats available within the Mr.Bet Partners:
  • Banners;
  • Programs;
  • Postbacks;
  • Logotypes;
  • Email Templates;
  • Refferal system.

Affiliates should regularly check the platform for the latest ad formats, resources, and guidelines provided by Mr.Bet Partners to ensure they have access to the most up-to-date and effective marketing materials.

Mr.Bet Partners Overview 2023: fees, features, pros and cons
Moreover, Mr.Bet offers a transparent and competitive commission structure to reward affiliates for their efforts in driving traffic and player acquisitions. While specific details may be subject to change, here are some key aspects related to fees and commissions within the Mr.Bet Partners program:
  • Revenue Share;
  • CPA;
  • Hybrid Deals.

It's important to review the specific terms and conditions outlined by Mr.Bet Partners regarding fees and commissions. These details can provide comprehensive information about commission structures, payment schedules, and any additional fees or deductions that may apply.

Mr.Bet Partners Fees and Commissions

There are two methods that affiliates may get their commissions. First, they promote the casino brand by sending customers to the official website. Second, when they attract new MrBet Partners to join the casino brand's marketing initiative.

In both situations, affiliate marketing fees are only paid out after the casino brand has made money from the referrals. The commission is determined by how much money referrals bring in:
  • From 0 to 5,000 - 30%;
  • From 5,001 to 15,000 - 35%;
  • From 15,001 to 30,000 - 40%;
  • From 30,001 to above - 45%.

Remember, the commission structure and rates can be subject to change, so it's advisable to stay updated with the latest information provided by Mr.Bet Partners to accurately plan and estimate your potential earnings as an affiliate.

Mr.Bet Partners Payments Details

Payments are paid on schedule for the casino brand's marketing campaign. On the fourth of the month, affiliates earn commissions from sales and subaffiliates. PayPal, Payoneer, Webmoney, Paxum, and Wire are a few ways to send money to the bank. A different payment option may be requested by contacting affiliates at any time.

For the bare minimum, recommendations must result in sales for the casino brand. The ultimate reward is based on the volume of sales brought in by an affiliate during the marketing campaign.

In order to collect their commission, affiliates must reach the minimal threshold (100$). The money is carried over to the next month if it has not reached the minimum amount. Negative carryover is not used by Mr.Bet Partners, and the board is reset to zero at the beginning of each month. Affiliates do not need to physically visit any offices since all payments are paid online.

How to sign up Mr.Bet Partners?

Signing up for the Mr.Bet Partners affiliate program is a straightforward process. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to sign up:
  • Visit the Mr.Bet Partners Website;
  • Click on "Sign Up" or "Log In";
  • Fill in the Registration Form;
  • Accept Terms and Conditions;
  • Submit Your Application;
  • Verification and Approval.

Mr.Bet Partners Overview 2023: fees, features, pros and cons
After reviewing the application, affiliate managers will confirm that the applicant is listed as an affiliate for the program. The portal requests information on the candidate's name, company, Skype ID, and payment method. Candidates will be questioned about their primary traffic source. The application for the marketing campaign would then be approved by a manager.

Mr.Bet Partners GEO

MrBet Casino Affiliate does not specifically identify any banned nations, it is widely understood in the industry that affiliates are not permitted to operate in any area that does not permit the operation of casinos.

It results in reach limits, particularly if an affiliate has the greatest reach in the limited zone. A manager may assist in determining the best locations to sell the casino brand's goods and services.

The following GEOs are available for advertising our products: Austria, Canada, Finland, Norway, New Zealand, and Brazil. 

Mr.Bet Partners Interface

Mr.Bet Partners interface provides affiliates with a user-friendly platform to manage their affiliate account, track performance, access marketing tools, and monitor earnings. Here are some key features and components typically found in the Mr.Bet Partners interface:
Dashboard: Upon logging into your Mr.Bet Partners account, you will be greeted with a dashboard. The dashboard serves as a central hub where you can access important information at a glance. It may display real-time statistics, such as the number of referred players, earnings, and recent activities.

My Account: The interface typically includes a section where you can manage your account settings. Here, you can update your contact information, payment preferences, and other relevant details. You may also find options to set notification preferences or change your password.

Mr.Bet Partners Overview 2023: fees, features, pros and cons
Promotional Tools: Mr.Bet Partners provides a range of marketing tools to support your promotional activities. These tools may include customized tracking links, banners, landing pages, text links, and other creatives. You can access these resources within the interface, allowing you to seamlessly integrate them into your website, social media posts, or email campaigns.

Mr.Bet Partners Overview 2023: fees, features, pros and cons
Payout History: Mr.Bet Partners provides a transparent overview of your earnings and commission details. You can view your commission structure, payment schedule, and available payment methods. This section may also include information on any applicable minimum thresholds for withdrawals.

Mr.Bet Partners Overview 2023: fees, features, pros and cons
Quick Report: Mr.Bet Partners interface typically includes reporting and analytics tools to help you track your performance and assess the effectiveness of your marketing efforts. You can access various reports, including player activity reports, revenue reports, and commission summaries. These insights enable you to analyze trends, identify top-performing campaigns, and make data-driven decisions.

Mr.Bet Partners Overview 2023: fees, features, pros and cons
Contact Us: The interface usually offers support channels and contact information for Mr.Bet Partners. This allows you to reach out to the support team for assistance, ask questions, or resolve any issues you may encounter.

Mr.Bet Partners Overview 2023: fees, features, pros and cons
As an affiliate, it's recommended to familiarize yourself with the platform's navigation and explore the available resources to make the most of your partnership with Mr.Bet Partners.

Mr.Bet Partners Pros&Cons

Affiliate managers who have or are now working for the casino brand's marketing program are aware that the positives of the program outweigh the drawbacks by a wide margin. 

Pros of Mr.Bet Partners:
  • Reputable Online Casino Brand;
  • Lucrative Commission Structure;
  • Variety of Marketing Tools;
  • No Negative Carryover; 
  • Support 24/7;
  • High-quality advertisement promo material;
  • There is no restriction on what goods and services the partners may advertise.

Cons of Mr.Bet Partners:
  • Country and Legal Restrictions;
  • Curacao License (disputed); 
  • Limited currencies are available.

Even if there are certain drawbacks to the marketing campaign, many applicants nevertheless go ahead and sign up for the MrBet campaign. That is how much the program's advantages exceed its disadvantages. Furthermore, they consistently live up to their reputation.


Overall, Mr.Bet Partners presents a promising opportunity for affiliates to earn commissions through promoting the Mr.Bet online casino. Affiliates can benefit from the program's reputable brand, lucrative commission structure, variety of marketing tools, and the No Negative Carryover policy. The program provides support and assistance to affiliates, and the interface offers reporting and analytics tools for performance tracking. 

On the web, partners promptly get their affiliate commissions and sub-affiliate commissions using all the popular payment methods. You may always ask for more options by getting in touch with an affiliate manager. Keep an eye on the affiliate software's ongoing updates since they are essential for more effective product and service promotion.
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