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Cpamatica Affiliate Network Review 2023

Step into the vibrant world of digital marketing, where innovation and profitability intertwine to create an ecosystem of limitless possibilities. Amidst this dynamic landscape, a name rises above the rest, illuminating the path to success for countless businesses and affiliates. Welcome to CPAmatica, a realm where performance meets expertise, and every click holds the potential to unlock unprecedented growth.
Cpamatica Affiliate Network Review 2023
Offers types
Dating, Adult, Sweepstakes, Health, Games, Streaming
More than 1000 offers, 90% of which are from direct advertisers. In-house dating products. In-house adult games projects. A wide selection of GEOs and payout models. Hot creatives and promotional materials. Loyalty program.
Payment systems
Wire, Payoneer, WebMoney, Paxum, ePayments, Crypto
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What is Cpamatica?

An affiliate network called Cpamatica operates on the continents of North America, South America, Europe, and Asia. Based in Ukraine's Kyiv, they are. Their inventive and upbeat attitude sets them apart from other affiliate networks. They combine machine learning with human contact rather than largely relying on it. Their main objective is to unite agencies, advertisers, affiliates, and media buyers into a single community and allow them to develop together. 

Evgeniy Prima established Cpamatica in 2015. He had been a successful affiliate marketer since he was a senior in high school. He was aware of how difficult it was to succeed in affiliate marketing. This was one of the motives for his desire to develop a fresh and original method of assisting affiliate marketers in their interactions with advertisers. Ad networks have certainly existed before then, but he intended to create something new. He saw affiliates being able to choose the deals they wished to promote. 

CPAmatica's commitment to excellence is exemplified by its unwavering dedication to transparency and integrity. In an industry often fraught with uncertainty, CPAmatica stands firm as a trustworthy ally, fostering an environment of open communication and fair partnerships. With every collaboration, trust is forged, and relationships are strengthened, laying the foundation for mutual success.

Cpamatica Affiliate Network Review 2023
The fact that the majority of traditional affiliate networks are too automated to the point that their matching algorithm seeks to match the best offers with your traffic is one of their main issues. The human intellect, on the other hand, may be superior than any algorithm.

Cpamatica is an effort to diversify human contact with automation. They are renowned for offering incredible deals in the dating, X-games, and sweepstakes categories. They have been providing such categories together with their affiliate advertising. They were honored for their brilliance in 2016 by receiving the Cpalife Best International Partner Network Award.

Cpamatica Ad Formats and Offer Types

CPAmatica offers a diverse array of ad formats and offer types to cater to the unique needs and preferences of both advertisers and affiliates. Let's delve into some of the prominent ad formats and offer types available within the CPAmatica ecosystem:
  • CPA
  • CPL
  • CPS
  • CPI

 The following verticals provide opportunities for affiliates to monetise their traffic:
  • Adult
  • Health
  • Games
  • Streaming
  • Sweepstakes

Cpamatica Affiliate Network Review 2023
Notable Allowed Traffic Sources:

  • Banner
  • Email
  • In-App
  • Members area
  • Native
  • Popunder/Clickunder
  • Push/In-page push
  • Search traffic
  • Social media
  • Teaser
  • WebView

These are just a few examples of the ad formats and offer types available within CPAmatica's comprehensive network. By offering a diverse array of options, CPAmatica ensures that affiliates and advertisers can find the perfect match to maximize their marketing efforts and achieve their desired outcomes.

How to sign up Cpamatica?

The process of signing up for Cpamatica is perhaps one of the easiest and most smooth ones we have ever experienced. Signing up for CPAmatica is a straightforward process that can be completed online. Follow these steps to create an account:
  • Visit the CPAmatica website: Go to the CPAmatica homepage using your preferred web browser;
  • Click on the "Login" or "Sign Up" button;
  • Fill out the registration form: You'll be directed to a registration form where you'll need to provide relevant information;
  • Agree to the terms and conditions;
  • Complete the verification process: CPAmatica may require you to verify your email address to ensure the security of your account;
  • Provide additional information (if required);
  • Submit your application: Once you have filled out all the necessary information, review your details to ensure accuracy;
  • Wait for approval: CPAmatica will review your application, which may take some time;
  • Access your account: After approval, you will typically receive login credentials to access your CPAmatica account.

Cpamatica Affiliate Network Review 2023
It's important to note that the specific steps and requirements may vary slightly, so it's always a good idea to refer to the CPAmatica website or contact their support team for any additional guidance or assistance during the sign-up process.

Withdrawal ways Cpamatica 

CPAmatica offers various withdrawal methods to ensure affiliates can conveniently access their earnings. While the specific withdrawal options may vary based on factors such as your location and the payment methods supported by CPAmatica, here are some common withdrawal methods available:
  • Wire Transfer: Wire transfer is a widely used method for withdrawing funds. With this option, your earnings are transferred directly to your bank account;
  • PayPal: PayPal is a popular online payment platform that enables quick and secure transactions;
  • Payoneer: Payoneer is another trusted payment service that offers global money transfers;
  • WebMoney: WebMoney is an online payment system widely used in Russia and other countries;
  • Paxum: Paxum is a secure online payment service designed for the adult entertainment industry;
  • Skrill: Skrill is an e-commerce platform that enables fast and secure online money transfers.

Cpamatica Affiliate Network Review 2023
It's important to note that the availability of withdrawal methods may vary depending on your location and the specific policies of CPAmatica. Additionally, certain withdrawal methods may have associated fees or minimum withdrawal thresholds. To get accurate and up-to-date information on the withdrawal options available to you, it is recommended to refer to CPAmatica's website or contact their support team directly.

Payments are paid once a week on Thursday; invoices are sent out on Tuesday and Wednesday. On the fifteenth day after registration, new affiliates get their first compensation. For the purpose of determining payouts, only the official metrics on your dashboard are used. For reliable affiliates who generate significant amounts of traffic, there are certain reward conditions. 

The minimum payouts are:
  • Payoneer — $50;
  • Paxum — $50;
  • PayPal — $50;
  • Capitalist — $150;
  • Cryptocurrency (USDT/BTC) — 150$.
  • Wire — $1000; (transaction fee of $35).

Cpamatica Interface

You will get a welcome email after your affiliate account has been authorized, and you can then log in to your affiliate dashboard panel. Despite being user-friendly, the panel has an outdated appearance.

The first page of the affiliate dashboard displays your earnings, bonus points accumulated, the most recent offers, and another menu on the left. To explore offers in your preferred specialty, just choose the offers option from the menu on the left.

The fact that Cpamatica gives its affiliates internal prelanders for a wide range of offerings is one of the company's key advantages. Since many affiliates struggle to come up with their high converting prelanders, they make it extremely simple for them and save them time. Each offer's description includes a list of the acceptable and prohibited forms of marketing so that an affiliate is aware of their rights and obligations.

Cpamatica Pros&Cons

In the vast realm of affiliate marketing, CPAmatica stands as a prominent network that offers a wealth of opportunities for both advertisers and affiliates alike. However, like any platform, it comes with its own set of advantages and considerations. Let us delve into the realm of CPAmatica's pros and cons, guiding you through the landscape of this dynamic network.

Pros of Cpamatica:
  • Wide Range of Offers;
  • Reliable Tracking and Analytics;
  • Strong 24/7 Support;
  • Timely Payments;
  • Program of Loyalty - Cpamate Shop ;
  • Direct marketers' best-converting offers;
  • Premium assistance from a dedicated affiliate manager;
  • Various payment methods and a withdrawal minimum of 50 USD;
  • Global Reach.

Cons of Cpamatica:
  • Restricted Offers: Some affiliates may find that certain offers on CPAmatica are restricted based on their geographic location or specific traffic sources;
  • Application Review Process: CPAmatica has a thorough application review process to ensure the quality of their network;
  • Limited Payment Options: Depending on your location and the payment methods supported by CPAmatica, the available withdrawal options may be limited.

It's worth noting that the pros and cons listed above are subjective and may vary depending on individual experiences and preferences. It's advisable to conduct thorough research, consider your specific needs and goals, and weigh these factors before deciding whether CPAmatica is the right affiliate network for you. 

When it comes to the standards for affiliates, Cpamatica is NOT stringent. You will be questioned upon registration on your present situation and the performance of your blog or website. Following that, you will be required to get in touch with your designated account manager to formally activate your account and start making money. They do not have a monthly minimum for either money or page views.

Cpamatica Dashboard

You have been accepted as a user of Cpamatica. What functions are available via your dashboard?

Cpamatica Affiliate Network Review 2023
CPAmatica dashboard serves as the control center for affiliates, providing a comprehensive overview of their performance, campaigns, earnings, and other key metrics. Let's explore the features and functionalities typically found within the CPAmatica dashboard.

Account Overview: The dashboard typically starts with an account overview section, displaying essential information such as your account balance, total earnings, and current payment status. This snapshot provides a quick glance at your overall performance and financial status within the network.

Cpamatica Affiliate Network Review 2023
Offer Listings: Affiliates can access a list of available offers within the CPAmatica network. The offer listings often include details such as offer names, payouts, conversion flow, and any specific requirements or restrictions. This section allows affiliates to explore and select offers that align with their niche and marketing strategy.

Cpamatica Affiliate Network Review 2023
Performance Analytics: The CPAmatica dashboard provides detailed analytics and reporting tools to track your campaign performance. This includes data on clicks, conversions, conversion rates, revenue, and more. These insights help affiliates assess the effectiveness of their campaigns, identify areas for improvement, and make informed decisions to optimize their performance.

Creatives and Tracking Links: Affiliates can access creatives such as banners, text links, and other promotional materials within the CPAmatica dashboard. These resources can be essential for effectively promoting the offers. Additionally, the dashboard provides unique tracking links that affiliates can use to track their traffic and conversions accurately.

Cpamatica Affiliate Network Review 2023
Payment Management: The CPAmatica dashboard typically includes a section dedicated to managing payments. Here, affiliates can view their payment history, request withdrawals, and manage their preferred payment methods. It may also display information on upcoming payment cycles and important payment-related notifications.

Support and Resources: Affiliates can access support materials, FAQs, and other resources within the CPAmatica dashboard. This section provides assistance and guidance for affiliates who may have questions or need additional information about the network, offers, or campaign optimization.

Cpamatica Affiliate Network Review 2023
Account Settings: The CPAmatica dashboard allows affiliates to manage their account settings. This includes updating personal information, adjusting notification preferences, and configuring other account-related settings.

Communication Center: The dashboard may include a communication center where affiliates can interact with the CPAmatica support team or connect with other affiliates. This feature allows for seamless communication, ensuring that affiliates can receive timely assistance and stay connected within the CPAmatica community.

The CPAmatica dashboard serves as a centralized hub where affiliates can monitor their performance, access resources, and manage their accounts efficiently. Its user-friendly interface and comprehensive features empower affiliates to navigate the network, optimize their campaigns, and unlock their full earning potential.



It goes without saying that Cpamatica can provide you top-performing offers that have a track record of being highly converting. From their vast selection of direct marketers, you may choose from up to 1000+ offerings. You may examine your stats and data from your own dashboard. To run effectively, you won't need to discover that many 3rd party programs. However, you may need to search elsewhere if you're looking for an affiliate network that is completely automated. Cpamatica diversifies how you play the affiliate game by combining human contact with its algorithm. In order to choose offers and connect them to your content, you must mix your knowledge and intuition. 

Cpamatica may be the right affiliate network for you if you're seeking for high earning offers and a dependable in-site dashboard. 
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