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1win Affiliate Program Overview 2023

Do you want to participate in the 1win Affiliate Program? Do you want to know whether it will be worthwhile? You've arrived at the proper location. An established worldwide betting site called 1win has more than a million active users from India and more than 50 other nations.

You may wager and gamble with 1win. Gamblers in the area have access to over 1000 events, including cricket betting, thanks to the resource's daily addition of fresh incentives. 1win has a gaming license from Curacao and is a legal bookmaker in India. We'll cover all you need to know about the 1win Affiliate Program in this post to assist you make a commitment or not. So, follow us through to the end. 
1win Affiliate Program Overview 2023
Offers types
Betting, gambling
An individual approach to help promotes quicker decision-making. programs created just for webmasters. Without charge. Real-time statistics are updated. Quick and easy registration is available, as well as one-click signup. Individualized partner bonus scheme.
Payment systems
Visa, Webmoney, Card, Crypto, Mastercard, Qiwi, Skrill
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What is 1win?

You may wager and gamble with 1win. Gamblers in the area have access to over 1000 events, including cricket betting, thanks to the resource's daily addition of fresh incentives. 1win has a gaming license from Curacao and is a legal bookmaker in India.

A bonus is available to players who deposit using some of the most well-liked local payment options, including GPay, Skrill, PayTM, and UPI. Customers may also quickly download the company's user-friendly app, which is available for iOS, Android, Windows, and macOS.

The affiliate program for direct advertisers is called 1win Partners. They have been available since 2017. The business offers a successful method for monetizing gaming and betting traffic. They work with nations from the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS), including those from West Africa, Russia, Ukraine, and India.

1win Affiliate Program Overview 2023


They are now concentrating their efforts on creating solutions for other markets, including Latin America, Asia, and Europe.


How to cooperate with 1win Partners

1win Partners is a direct advertiser that offers the RS, CPA, and Hybrid forms of partnership. When a partner joins RS, they are entitled to a portion of the company's total income. 

A referral system (sub-affiliate system) is another feature of the affiliate network that enables you to make at least 5% of the main revenue produced by interested webmasters:
  • RevShare: You will get 50% of the money the business makes from gamers the webmaster attracts. Never will 1win Partners reduce the charge below the level at which it was first set. The proportion may be raised for partners who achieve exceptional achievements. They increase the percentage of all partners who work effectively;
  • CPA: The cost per acquisition (CPA) may reach $200. Depending on the GEO and the source of the traffic, each unique charge is negotiated. The organization offers special working circumstances right away and is ready to examine them after 20 to 30 FDs and raise the rates based on your performance. They provide distinctive working conditions right away. They are prepared to reassess the rate in 20 to 30 FD and then raise it in response to the results;
  • Hybrid: RS and CPA (CPA Prepay) are included.

The organization actively helps you monetize visitors from any source by providing the appropriate tools (specific incentives for applications, creatives, gamers, etc.). Traffic of doubtful quality or that which could be connected to fraud and deceptive advertisements is not permitted. 

Anytime you have active referrals, you could earn money. The partner will be informed in advance if CPA traffic is to be switched to RS or not paid for, and no modifications will be made without their approval. Administrators alert partners in advance if a certain GEO is going to be unavailable to prevent traffic loss.


1win Affiliate Program Overview 2023


How to sign up 1win Partners?

To sign up for the 1win affiliate program, you must have a working email address, phone number, and instant messenger account. Your manager needs this information in order to contact you. Your account is immediately authorized; further confirmation is not necessary. The email address you provided will get a welcome email with basic information.

Your account will go through a brief period of moderation if you pick the CPA model. In brief, the manager will get in touch with you to learn more about you, including your experience, resources, and other factors.

The greater your chances of having a higher CPA rate are, the more information you may supply at this time.

1win Affiliate Program Overview 2023

Withdrawal ways 1win Partners

Payments are made each Tuesday. A webmaster must have attracted at least 10 players and their total deposits must be $70 or more in order to qualify for the first withdrawal. For the following withdrawals, these restrictions do not apply.

The monies are kept and will be made available for withdrawal once this condition is satisfied if the partner is unable to fulfill these requirements.

Along with payment options for well-known locations, there are cards (Mastercard, Visa), cryptocurrencies (BTC, USDT), and webmoney.
1win Affiliate Program Overview 2023


1win Partners Pros&Cons

They are among the few affiliate networks that provide services for webmaster development. They assist webmasters advance by sharing their knowledge and experience.

The business often offers helpful advice to its partners, writes articles on how to handle different traffic sources and nations, and so on. This is real money that you may use to gamble or place bets.

To make sure that gamers get a beautiful, practical, and helpful product, they are constantly making improvements to the project. They may brag that 1win is the most cutting-edge and streamlined project.

They provide committed project management and individualized support throughout the relationship. Additionally, they go above and beyond to keep players interested in the service:
  • Depending on their performance, players may advance to VIP status;
  • VIP gamers benefit from extra cash benefits and individualized assistance from a committed staff;
  • All popular countries have high client retention on their social networks;
  • First-time deposit incentives are available, as well as promotional coupons that add a percentage to future deposits;
  • Vouchers (limited-use no-deposit bonuses) are given to gamers;
  • Continuously running promotions and incentives;
  • Call center + 24/7 support;
  • Push-notifications;
  • Customized email and SMS newsletter

Vouchers are one of the most profitable products that the business has to give. This is real money that you may use to gamble or place bets. Vouchers may only be used by users who have previously registered since they need to be properly activated in the gaming account. There is a limit on the number of activations for each coupon. 


In the casino and sports betting businesses, 1win Partners is a significant participant. Their distinguishing characteristic is that the rates are not just high; rather, they are unique, tailored, and can be raised depending on the partners' outcomes. Your earning potential is unrestricted with 1win Partners, and withdrawals are quick and simple.

The foundation of the affiliate program is the idea of treating each partner differently. Along with quick payouts, they also offer exclusive bonuses, priceless growth-oriented advice from top experts, and a first-rate support staff. Fortunately for both sides, even the most novice webmasters and affiliates may profit from 1win Partners with the help of their arbitration school.

You may effectively monetize any volume of visits in the gaming and betting verticals with the aid of the 1win Affiliate Program.
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