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TrafficStars: international advertising network

Howdy guys! To promote affiliate offers for adults on social networks, you have to try hard. Just imagine: you have to prepare creatives, set up cloaking, and only then gather an expensive affiliate traffic. Operating with TrafficStars is easier: you come to the advertising network (AdNet), choose the appropriate GEO and format, upload texts and pictures in 5 minutes, refill your account and run affiliate traffic from sources where people are interested in adult. For our readers, TrafficStars has prepared a welcome bonus, so hurry up to read the latest review and grab a discount promo code!
TrafficStars: international advertising network

What is TrafficStars com?

TrafficStars has been operating since 2014 and positions itself as a self-serve premium AdNet with adult and mainstream affiliate traffic. Recently, AdNet with push notifications, native and banner ads RUNative has become a part of TrafficStars. TrafficStars: international advertising network Affiliate traffic comes from all over the world, and a separate advantage of the network is exclusive advertising rights on xHamster. In terms of ad formats, TrafficStars offers 9 options to choose from:
  • Banner - display and mobile banners for the most popular formats;
  • Native - native advertising that organically fits into the design of the site. If you work with CMPV model, the advertiser pays only for views, and the publisher gets paid for each thumbnail in the widget;
  • Video Pre-Roll is a video ad that is shown for 30 seconds before the start of the video. VAST technology is used for work;
  • Video Im-Slider - a video ad that pops up in the lower right corner of the screen when a person is on the site;
  • Video X Pre-Roll is an in-house TrafficStars creation =designed for video ad overlay and does not require integration with a video player on the site;
  • Push is a pop-up notification on desktop and mobile devices. Push notifications are received only by those users who have subscribed to notifications on the publisher's website;
  • In-Page Push is a web adaptation of push notifications that works across all browsers and platforms, including iOS. Does not require a subscription to the publisher's website;
  • Popunder - ads that appear in a new tab when a user clicks on a page on the site;
  • Full Page Interstitial is a new format of full-screen interactive advertising that opens on a certain click on the site between two pages of content.
TrafficStars: international advertising network TrafficStars invites advertisers, publishers, product owners and AdNets who want to make money on adult and mainstream affiliate traffic to cooperate. You can run affiliate traffic on everything except the scam. But you don't care, do you?

Among other things, the guys are frequent guests of popular conferences, which means that you can get to touch them and talk to them personally at affiliate meetups.

TrafficStars Advertising Opportunities 

  • AdNet provides 4+ billion impressions per day and gives a chance to operate with the platform for rookies and media buying experts;
  • Nine advertising formats are available for function, including in-house creations of TrafficStars;
  • Personal support;
  • The platform applies machine learning to automatically optimize advertising campaigns using neural network algorithms;
  • TrafficStars uses high technologies, including a stable architecture, 5 data centers, which allow for 50,000 impressions per second.

Overview of TrafficStars adv cabinet

To get access to the TrafficStars advertiser's account, register on the platform and log in via e-mail. After logging in, you will see a standard dashboard. Since there is no data on the adv cabinet yet, it is empty.

At the beginning of utilizing an advertising network, we advise you to move to the Marketplace section and evaluate the volume of affiliate traffic that runs from specific platforms in certain advertising formats. This will help you identify the pros of TrafficStars and choose the best option for the project.

Despite the fact that TrafficStars is abroad-oriented, RU-speaking managers operate there, and they are ready to suggest information on a specific country. The management staff of the advertising network undergoes special training in order to provide TrafficStars users with the highest quality support.
TrafficStars: international advertising network To create an advertising campaign, click "Create Campaign" and set the necessary settings: specify the appropriate affiliate traffic category, advertising format, GEO, and check the box next to the ad group. For convenience, there is a preview on the right-hand. Check it, so you don't forget anything.
TrafficStars: international advertising network Then set up targeting: choose the language, type and brand of customers' device, period from release date, OS, model price, browser and apt provider. In addition, advanced targeting is available, which provides for setting the type of proxy affiliate traffic, IP band, keywords and retargeting.

TrafficStars: international advertising network Set up the period of the advertising campaign.

TrafficStars: international advertising network The next step is to configure the type of affiliate traffic:
  • Prime - selection from a list of specific spots for targeting;
  • RON - all sites targeting and TrafficStars spots with blacklisting and whitelisting by spots and domains;
  • Members Area - a selection of spots within sites that allow users to watch content only after registering.

TrafficStars: international advertising network Specify the cost per click and the amount of the budget that you are willing to spend per day. In our case, the system carefully suggested that when working with push notifications, you should not choose a too high cost per click, as this will have a bad effect on the result.

TrafficStars: international advertising network In the Ads section, upload creatives and write ad texts. If you want to add some notes to the adv cabinet, do it in the "Notes" section. When you're done, click "Save".

The campaign will start working after moderation and you pay for the affiliate traffic. Track the status of adv cabinet and the results of affiliate traffic running via "Campaign Listing" section. For convenience, there are filters that allow you to sort and analyze the received data. The statistics are detailed and reflect the necessary information.

TrafficStars: international advertising network

Traffic Stars Additional options

  • creating a look-a-like audience;
  • bets on individual spots;
  • API integration;
  • S2S tracking;
  • sorting advertising campaigns into groups.

Ad Network Benefits

  • smart self-service platform with extensive advertising opportunities;
  • statistics are updated in real-time mode;
  • there is RU-speaking support and managers who undergo preliminary training;
  • a large selection of adult and mainstream affiliate traffic sources + sites popular with the audience;
  • there is a welcome bonus;
  • the presence of a blog with materials useful for publisher;
  • TrafficStars runs RTB, an automated digital auction process that allows advertisers to bid for each impression in real time.

How to refill TrafficStars advertising account?

In order for the advertising campaign to start working after moderation has passed, refund your account. You can make a payment in the "Fund Your Account" section through such payments as:
  • Coingate;
  • Wire transfer;
  • Paxum;
  • Visa;
  • Mastercard;
  • JCB;
  • UnionPay.

The minimum deposit amount is $100.

Note that the AdNet is balance-dependent. For the full-fledged work of the ad cabinet, try to keep the amount more than the minimum, otherwise the lack of money will affect the speed and volume of traffic.

TrafficStars did not quit our readers without treats and give a $50 bonus or 10% to the first deposit refill. Choose the best for you. To get this bonus, register in the advertising network, copy the promo code “TrafficStarsGdeTraffic” and send it in a message to your personal manager.


TrafficStars is an advertising network that allows you to advertise any offer types on adult, except for spam. For running affiliate traffic, AdNet offers exclusive sites. With 9 advertising formats to choose from, you can get WW affiliate traffic at a price that is different from the cost of advertising on social networks.

To satisfy our readers, TrafficStars has left a promo code that can be used to get a bonus. Sign up with an ad network and test the traffic to draw your own conclusions. Good luck!
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