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ActiveRevenue: An Advertising Network with Popular Advertising Formats

Hey, peeps! ActiveRevenue is an advertising network with such advertising formats as push notifications, popunders, and domain traffic (ZeroClick ad format). According to ActiveRevenue, the latter shows excellent results with advertisers and is suitable for top verticals. The perks of the network don’t stop there as it also has extensive targeting options, useful tools for working with ad campaigns, and a nice bonus for the first deposit. Sounds interesting? We have more details!
ActiveRevenue: An Advertising Network with Popular Advertising Formats

What We Know about ActiveRevenue

ActiveRevenue is a self-serve advertising network that provides access to popular advertising formats and extensive targeting options at competitive prices. 

ActiveRevenue: An Advertising Network with Popular Advertising Formats
The network offers its clients adult and mainstream push, pop, and redirect (ZeroClick) traffic in over 250 countries in Tier-1, 2, and 3. You can estimate the volume of the supplied traffic in your account after registering with the platform.

Gambling, dating, nutraceuticals, utilities, sweepstakes, cryptocurrency, forex, and gossips are the top verticals of the network, according to ActiveRevenue. It is forbidden to drive technical support, fraudulent lotteries, spam, and viruses’ traffic.

ActiveRevenue has a lot of direct placements with the target audience on streaming services, news and gaming portals, finance, and more. 
ActiveRevenue invites webmasters, media buyers, media buying agencies, product companies, and affiliate programs to cooperate.

If you work in one of the named areas, the network offers you such advertising formats as Push Notifications, Pop, Floating Push, and. Let's take a closer look at each of them below.

ActiveRevenue: An Advertising Network with Popular Advertising Formats
ActiveRevenue advertising capacities 
  • a large selection of advertising formats to drive traffic to more than 250 geo-locations;
  • extensive targeting setup options;
ActiveRevenue: An Advertising Network with Popular Advertising Formats                    
  • capacity for optimization in the most popular geo-locations and market verticals;
  • availability of detailed statistics containing information about the top geo-locations, OSs, periods of audience activity, and browsers it uses;
  • although ActiveRevenue is a self-serve platform, each client of the network gets a personal manager who is ready to help with the fine-tuning of targeting and optimization. Thus, network users have a full range of advertising services to suit their needs, regardless of the type of company they work for. 


Review of Advertiser’s Account

Remember to turn off AdBlock before registration with the ad network, or the website may not work. Register with ActiveRevenue by answering the standard questions and get access to the network. 

Once you're logged in, you'll see a dashboard with information about costs, conversions, and profits. 

We recommend starting with the Optimization section — Traffic Estimator. There you will find information about the amount of traffic driven to particular formats and devices. Traffic Estimator will help you understand the approximate volumes in the targeted region. To do this:   
  • select the targeted geo-location;
  • specify the desired type of traffic in the Traffic Type line;
  • specify the device, if necessary;
  • get the results from the platform.
For example, in the popular US geo-location, you can get about 1,452,556,452 daily requests for push traffic, 302,571,899 for pop traffic and 14,016,778 for ZeroClick.

ActiveRevenue: An Advertising Network with Popular Advertising Formats
To create a campaign, go to Campaigns and select Create a Campaign. The system will ask you to choose one of the advertising formats: Push, Floating Push, Pop, or ZeroClick.

ActiveRevenue: An Advertising Network with Popular Advertising Formats         
  • Push Notifications are pop-up notifications with ads that the user sees on their devices — mobile or desktop.
  • Floating Push (or In-Page) is similar to push notifications that the users see on their browser devices. Many people bypass this format, but unlike regular pushes, in-pages don't look intrusive or annoy the audience and allow you to attract iPhone users to get iOS traffic.
  • PopUnder Injection pops up on desktop devices from add-ons or apps on the computer. It is another underrated format. It adds a whitelist of domains relevant to a particular vertical. Then, if users go to one of those sites, they will see ads. The average bid is $3-4. You can also add a list of keywords (in English only), then the users will find your offer if they go to a site with a similar keyword. The cost of the service starts at $10 CPM. To get more traffic for a lower price, you have an opportunity to launch a run-of-network campaign without targeting keywords or domains. Note that it's desktop only. ActiveRevenue also has classic and adult PopUnder. You can choose the format you want according to your goals. 
  • Domain Redirect (or ZeroClick) is the pride of the ad network. It redirects users who make a typo when entering a domain so they go to your offer's page. According to ActiveRevenue, this format shows great results among advertisers because it's engaging and doesn't annoy the audience. ZeroClick is domain traffic. It follows this principle: when users search for something and make a mistake typing the inquiry in the search box, or the site is already expired, ZeroClick redirects such users to your offer. Let’s take as an example. When a person writes (without one letter O), the system redirects the user to your offer. Here you can add keywords like in Google Adwords or even phrases related to a competitor's domain. The format is only suitable for mainstream and clean offers. Internet users say it's great for gambling, finance, and sweepstakes. The site's design is similar to what the user was looking for, so the conversion rate is high.
Once you've decided on the advertising format and the geo-location, set up your ads. To do this, come up with a name for your ad campaign, specify your budget, and check the cost per click. On the right, there is a preview helping you to track the data you entered while setting up your ad campaign.

ActiveRevenue: An Advertising Network with Popular Advertising Formats
The next step is to customize targeting. Select the required geo-location, one or more. 

ActiveRevenue: An Advertising Network with Popular Advertising Formats
Then specify the required operating systems and browsers. Note that the targeting settings in ActiveRevenue are pretty advanced. They allow you to configure the ad campaign more accurately and conduct its optimization following all the necessary parameters.

ActiveRevenue: An Advertising Network with Popular Advertising Formats
Next comes the configuration of device types, telecom operators, and time of displaying ads to users. At the bottom of the page, there is a window for setting ad campaign limits. You can put a limit on the frequency of displays, clicks, and conversions per day. After you finish setting the parameters, click Next.

ActiveRevenue: An Advertising Network with Popular Advertising Formats
Then the system prompts you to set up black and white lists. Add them, but if you have no data yet, click Next. 

ActiveRevenue: An Advertising Network with Popular Advertising Formats
The final step is to create your ads. Check if you have set up your ad formats correctly and then click Add New Ad.

ActiveRevenue: An Advertising Network with Popular Advertising Formats
Depending on the ad format, you will need to create one or more ads. For example, to use the Floating Push format, you need to write the title and description that users will see, add the affiliate link, the call to action, and upload the creatives. It's very convenient that the system automatically adjusts the images to the right size. Still, to avoid distortion, it's better to check the requirements beforehand and upload the creatives of the required format. When you're done, click Create Ad.
ActiveRevenue: An Advertising Network with Popular Advertising Formats  
The ad will be sent for review, and if everything is OK, the audience will start seeing it after you replenish the balance of your account.

Below is an example of what a Floating Push ad looks like.

ActiveRevenue: An Advertising Network with Popular Advertising Formats
You can find the results of the ad campaign in the Statistics section. There you can sort the information by format and other indicators, such as geo-locations, campaigns, and dates.

ActiveRevenue: An Advertising Network with Popular Advertising Formats
Another great perk of ActiveRevenue is the Insights section. It’s quite useful for those who want to improve the quality of their ad campaign optimization. The insights section helps to track the top OS and browsers used, the exact location, and even the time of the received traffic. 

Use the Optimization section to improve the performance of ad campaigns. There you can adjust domains, IP lists, and postbacks. Most of the lines are clickable, so you can optimize your campaigns using the statistics without having to switch to other tabs. Don't forget about the features and make the most of them. 

ActiveRevenue: An Advertising Network with Popular Advertising Formats
In general, the online advertiser's account is simple and intuitive, but if you have trouble understanding something, contact your manager to get the tips and help with setting up your ads.

Benefits of the Network       

  • a convenient self-serve platform with a lot of additional features: domains and postback fine-tuning, IP lists, great targeting options;
  • availability of popular ad formats. The network even has ZeroClick, while it's not something every advertising network can offer;
  • traffic from more than 250 countries suitable for the most popular verticals of affiliate marketing;
  • support of a manager;
  • Insights section and other nice perks useful for optimizing ad campaigns;
  • no balance dependency: traffic delivery is slowed down only if your account balance is less than the budgeted amount for the day;
  • a welcome bonus for newcomers. 


How to Replenish the Balance of Your Account?

To make your ad campaign work, you need to replenish your balance in the Payment Transactions section. The minimum amount is $100. 
ActiveRevenue works with such payment systems as PayPal, Payoneer, WebMoney, Capitalist, Paxum, and Wire (for this method the minimum transfer is $1,000). 

Note that the advertising network is not balance-dependent. It means that your traffic will suffer only if you have a minimum balance (i.e. less than it is required for one day for all active campaigns). To avoid overspending, the system slows down the traffic. But if you monitor your balance and do not reach a critical point, everything will be OK :)

Note that you can set your ad campaign type in budget settings: ASAP (the money will be spent on the campaign at once) or Evenly (the money will be evenly distributed and used during the day). Based on these parameters, the system won’t spend too much and distribute the money the way you want. 

As a welcome bonus, the advertising network gives +20% on your first deposit. It will save you money on your first tests and acquaintance with ActiveRevenue.


ActiveRevenue is a self-serve platform that allows advertisers to work with adult and mainstream traffic in pop, push, and ZeroClick formats.
There are a lot of useful tools in the advertiser's account for setting up and optimizing your ads. These basic parameters, advanced targeting possibilities, and the Insights section allow creating the most accurate target audience portrait using exact figures.

In addition, the network is ready to provide management support and gives you +20% on your first deposit. Partnering with ActiveRevenue should be an absolute pleasure! Join the advertising network, test it and get a good conversion, webmaster!
Feel free to share. We'll happy to create helpfull articles!

Stop buying webinars :) , use budget to launch ad campaigns!

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