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Gmail ads is getting more persistent

Hey guys! Gmail ads are getting more persistent, occupying some users' inboxes. Several screenshots posted on Twitter show promotional messages interspersed with real emails on one of the Gmail accounts, and the community began to resent it.
Gmail ads is getting more persistent
Although Gmail has long placed ads at the top of the "Promotions" and "Social" inboxes, it has never dared to put them between real emails. The new placement makes it even more confusing to distinguish between real emails and advertisements, even with a small green "Advertisement" icon next to promotional offers. It is unclear whether this is a kind of testing of new ideas or a gradual implementation. But if Google has such intentions, it's great for the affiliate marketing niche.

Additionally, in recent weeks, some users of the Gmail mobile app have also started noticing annoying full-size image ads at the top of their inboxes.

Gmail ads is getting more persistent

Google's site doesn't currently state whether the company sells ads placed right in the middle of inboxes, but one of its support pages says that Gmail offers "expandable ads at the top of tabs." Another page on Google Discovery Campaigns shows an example of a Gmail ad that, again, appears at the top of a user's inbox.
In response to one user's concerns about placing ads in the middle of the inbox on Twitter, the official Gmail account vaguely replied that it "doesn't sound good" and directed him to a support page explaining how ads work. Of course, first of all, Google will act in favor of its commercial interests, and if this practice of displaying ads in incoming messages does not cause a massive outflow of users, then the company will gladly expand the opportunities for marketers, and of course, for publishers.
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