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20k Bucks of Net Profit with Profit Maximizer Crypto-Offer

Hey, ppl! Looking for inspiration, new bundles, or an opportunity to squeeze the most out of quarantine? Then catch the latest case of crypto profit from Neogara’s media buyer. Andrew made over USD 20,000 in two months of monetizing Polish traffic, and we want to share with you how you can repeat or even exceed his results.
20k Bucks of Net Profit with Profit Maximizer Crypto-Offer
Disclaimer: Please note that as of 2021, affiliate network has been closed. Any information or references to affiliate network prior to 2021 may no longer be accurate or relevant. We recommend verifying the current status of any affiliate networks or programs before making any decisions or investments.

For nine months now, the whole world has been periodically quarantined. So, it's not an option to "just sit at home until the global chaos subsides"! That's why people are more actively looking for ways to make money online, as well as different methods of safeguarding their savings. That's when crypto-offers come in.
  • Source: FB
  • Geo-location: Poland
  • Affiliate link:
  • Offer: Profit Maximizer (22)
  • Rate: USD 400 for FTD
  • Traffic monetization period: August 12 – October 13
  • Expenses: USD 4,698
  • Income: USD 24,800
  • Profit: USD 20,102


What we know about CPA affiliate Neogara

Neogara is a CPA network in the crypto vertical that recently became public. The direct advertising of the crypto binary allows monetizing it on competitive terms and gets CPA payouts higher than the market average. These guys have their own media buying department working with FB, researching funnels and landings. So, the tools that Neogara offers are tested and ready to earn.

In addition, the partner has developed a custom platform tailored specifically to the needs of affiliates in the crypto-binary vertical. Neogara also offers its webmasters customized terms like higher rates, access to exclusive funnels, daily payouts, and help with bundles and creatives to each affiliate after the test monetization.

20k Bucks of Net Profit with Profit Maximizer Crypto-Offer
How to start

Since the case author is Neogara’s media buyer, and it's not his first year of monetizing Polish traffic, he knows the TA well and how to lure it. In addition, the affiliate has all tools required for working with such offers. 
Immediately after Andrew got access to the offer, he started setting up an ad campaign.

20k Bucks of Net Profit with Profit Maximizer Crypto-Offer

Setting up an ad campaign

Let's start by saying that the campaign type was "conversions" and the working rate per lead was minimal.

Also, in this case, Andrew used rented accounts and purchased BMs, while traffic was monetized without pre-landing but with a cloak.

All devices and Facebook platforms, the feed, and the marketplace were targeted, while the TA included men and women 45+. The tracker was not used, as the affiliate has a sufficient amount of statistical data.

Choosing creatives

Andrew tested new creatives and approaches. Stuff that worked: videos, pictures with money, luxury items, phones with an impressive balance, or notifications from the bank. The characters were as simple and clear as possible. It was essential for users to imagine themselves in the shoes of characters shown on the creative, so they believe in the platform's effectiveness. 

20k Bucks of Net Profit with Profit Maximizer Crypto-Offer
Do you want to know how the landing and pre-landing pages driving traffic looked like? It was a landing with an 11-minute video about the earning platform with feedback from real users. The leads flowed through the affiliate API.
20k Bucks of Net Profit with Profit Maximizer Crypto-Offer

Optimization tips from buyer Andrew

It is important to take time before turning off ineffective Ad Sets with a low spending rate at this stage. Just give the campaign time to catch on. Also, monitor the CPM and CPC to see how relevant is the creative and whether you have managed to engage the TA. For example, the author of this case developed all the bundles himself and actively optimized the campaigns.

Tip: As soon as you understand what works on your target audience, you can immediately turn off non-performing/expensive Ad Sets and gradually increase the budgets. But it's just a general recommendation as there is no single success formula. You should be prepared that even after these actions, the account may still be banned.  

Budget and results

Over the monetization period from August 12 till October 13, the author of the case spent USD 4,698, and his profit (with traffic costs deducted, but not including consumables) was USD 20,102.

Here's a screenshot of his expenses for that period:

20k Bucks of Net Profit with Profit Maximizer Crypto-Offer
And also, a screenshot of earnings through the affiliate:

20k Bucks of Net Profit with Profit Maximizer Crypto-Offer


Forget the summary, as we'd like to share some insider tips from the case owner.
  • Targeting an audience of 40+/- in terms of lead prices is the same, but conversion is much higher.
  • If you're going to test such offers, make sure to emphasize the importance of watching the video on the landing page in your creatives. It sparks the users' interest and introduces them to the product. It helps the manager convince a client to make the first deposit, so the quality of traffic and CR is higher.
  • If possible, monetize traffic through the pre-landing for additional user warm-up. But in this case, you have to be ready that the price of the lead will be higher.

Now, all you need is to register with the Neogara platform and try to repeat or best the case. And if you still have questions, do not hesitate to contact the affiliate manager or ask questions in the comments.
Feel free to share. We'll happy to create helpfull articles!

Stop buying webinars :) , use budget to launch ad campaigns!

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