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Best Affiliate Marketing Cases Of 2022. Summing Up And Revealing TOP-20 Cases For Gambling, Crypto, PDL, Nutra, And New Offer Types

Howdy guys! You definitely want to know what gained profit in 2022: which sources ran rapidly and what fell off during the trial tests. It's time to sum up the results of the affiliate marketing year, and we will do this with the best cases of 2022. Which channels generated traffic for crypto, nutra, gambling, adult and new offer types. Which GEOs were exploited to run traffic, based on the success stories of the media buying teams and CPA lords.
Best Affiliate Marketing Cases Of 2022. Summing Up And Revealing TOP-20 Cases For Gambling, Crypto, PDL, Nutra, And New Offer Types
For those who are lazy, here is a short list of the sources from which the most traffic was transfered to well-known offer types:
  • Gambling | Facebook, TikTok
  • Nutra | Facebook, Push, Yandex.Zen, SEO, Teasers
  • Adult, dating, adult games | Cheap traffic, Vkontakte, TikTok, Exoclick
  • Crypto | UAC, SMS

and new ones:
  • Subscriptions | Unity Ads
  • Auto loan | Facebook

We will have something to inspire us within the long holidays, peep approaches, and check our tests. Let’s read the TOP affiliate marketing cases for 2022.

Don't expect secret disclosures or shock twists, 2022 has been engulfed in war, crisis, and severe restrictions in the advertising environment. Nevertheless, affiliate marketing is a real-time area of marketing that cannot be turned off with a single button. This means traffic flows, campaigns spin, and offers replace each other. Facebook has not disappeared anywhere, this social platform is still squeezed out for gambling, nutra, e-commerce, crypto, and SS-offers. As traffic flows from all channels, we offer you the opportunity to get acquainted with the largest cases of 2022 year.

The best gambling cases with Facebook, TikTok


Facebook gambling case - “Aviator” money-game, 14,191 deposits per month

The Ukrainian team Traffic Squad unveiled their winning case for the gambling niche. True, both the landing page and the views of the apps for affiliate traffic remained behind the scenes, however, as well as the office screenshots and the stats. As they say, if they write that the case is positive, it means positive, there is no reason to argue. But useful results can still be exploited.

Scheme: long-run trust account with tied 30 autoreg accounts + passed identity confirmation for fan page with several subscribers. Antidetect Adspower, mobile proxies, and payments. The Facebook campaign target needs to be set up, right for male 25-55, Android version 10+.

Classic creatives: a game record with a button and bonuses + an emotional character suitable for GEO Brazil. And the app for affiliate traffic is more interesting if you can zoom the design under the watermarks: you shrink the phone on the screen, leave the games in the frame, add bonuses, and arrange everything in the same style to make a traffic funnel.

The “Aviator” game is available for affiliate programs:

Best Affiliate Marketing Cases Of 2022. Summing Up And Revealing TOP-20 Cases For Gambling, Crypto, PDL, Nutra, And New Offer Types

PariMatch successful offer, GEO — Bangladesh

The team also displayed the second case, this time GEO is Bangladesh, where the approach is preserved: radiant app for affiliate marketing + operating accounts, though this time it’s the PariMatch offer. An affiliate marketer engaged 5557 deposits during August-September 2022.

Best Affiliate Marketing Cases Of 2022. Summing Up And Revealing TOP-20 Cases For Gambling, Crypto, PDL, Nutra, And New Offer Types


$130,043 at Ice Casino with Facebook, GEO - Poland

The case was published at the beginning of the summer 2022, but as you know, gambling offers exist for years, bundles do not drop, and by replacing the methods, you can restart the AdCab repeatedly.
  • Testing period: June 2022
  • Spent: $50,696
  • Income: $130,043
  • Profit: $79 347
  • ROI: 183.51%
  • Offer: Ice Casino
  • The direct advertiser of the Ice Casino offer is the V.Partners affiliate network.

The bundle is differ from previous cases. The target action for this advertisement is an event, not installs nor regs. With this method, the average price of an install was 1.2-1.5 USD, the campaigns hooked on this rate almost immediately and held out until the ban. The first deposit on accounts usually reached up to 30 USD, and the hook percentage for the install rate was at the level of 75% -85%.

Test different accs from various stores to find the one that will give you the right signal. Outwardly, accounts cannot be assessed for quality until you try to spend.

In this case, the author assessed the quality of the account according to the following principle: the first 10 USD checked the price of the install and the presence of at least 1 reg. If the account was right for the options, they turned the billing up to 30 USD; if there isn’t dep, the account was turned off. On zero accounts, they changed creatives, targeting and launched a new one into the auction.

Pay attention to the elaboration of creatives.
Best Affiliate Marketing Cases Of 2022. Summing Up And Revealing TOP-20 Cases For Gambling, Crypto, PDL, Nutra, And New Offer Types To keep the price of the install at the level of 1.2-1.5 USD, I had to redraw the creatives completely. Do not unify by adding 1 simple detail, but literally redraw: the interface of the banking application, the look of push notifications, and add new emotions and slots. Approaches were taken from 2021, and creatives were prepared considering: 1 advertisement cabinet - 1 creative. At the same time, even redrawn creatives were uniqueized:
  • added noise
  • metadata wipe
  • screen permission change
  • new audio tracks
  • adding transitions: blur, motion, slides.

Manual farmed trust accounts were taken with binding of high-quality European BM while first login. A day or two later, advertisement cabinets were launched from the trust FB personal account. In total, about 4k USD were spent, with the cost of trust acc + logs close to 30 USD. Proxies - mobile EU.

Gambling case for $22,000 per week with Facebook, GEO - Italy

This method is based on finding instruments (accs, domains etc) that would be no more than 10% of the spending budget, then hundreds of accounts per day can be launched through the autofill option. The DMCPA media buying team shared their case for Italy for the Stellare CPA program (payout $160 per deposit):
  • Testing period: 22.07 - 31.07
  • Spent: $22,730
  • Income: $44,800
  • Profit: $22,070
  • ROI: 97%

The second feature of the affiliate bundle was a new type of fan page (FP). In the summer 2022 they appeared on the affiliate market in small quantities, the team took a few for a test and, having received good results, switched traffic to them. It was possible to ban the previous FP, pass the identity confirmation in 1-2 days and launch a new FP. The team operated Ukrainian origin accounts with two BM suites, each BM suite had 10 autoregs, of any country, obligatory with number-reg and 2FA. American credit cards, the currency of the cabinet did not change, the PWA spendings and webview apps for affiliate marketing, the last one was chosen.

  • male 27-48 years old
  • placements - only the Facebook feed
  • optimization - for a deposit (if you set it for an install, the algorithms gave the worse audience)

Interesting observation: Italy for some reason, loves slots with chickens, creatives with chickens made awesome results

Otherwise, the approaches for creatives are standard: winnings in the video, the name of the offer for each creative, inserting a description of bonuses, banknotes, a luxury life, and a CTA at the end.
Best Affiliate Marketing Cases Of 2022. Summing Up And Revealing TOP-20 Cases For Gambling, Crypto, PDL, Nutra, And New Offer Types

Gambling case on PWA app with TikTok, Romania

The PWA.Market team showed the October case with the PWA app for affiliate marketing. The guys explained how the methods of PWA and Webview applications for affiliate marketing differ, and at the same time, they earned $28,900 from their recommendations. What is the point?
  • Testing period: 01.10 – 23.10
  • Spent: $11,100
  • Income: $28,900
  • ROI: ~160%

PWA apps for affiliate marketing are being launched in large numbers through the TikTok Ads account. In the settings, the streams were divided into white and black: the link led the moderators to the Candy Crush site, and the players were led immediately to the welcome bonus and guaranteed prize. Accounts were filled with 25-50 USD using the lightest creatives. Live videos with text calls without mentioning the casino, top-ups, and other aggressive messages. The link during this period immediately stood on the combat PWA app for affiliate marketing. After turning $25-$50, they changed the light creo to an aggressive one.

Best Affiliate Marketing Cases Of 2022. Summing Up And Revealing TOP-20 Cases For Gambling, Crypto, PDL, Nutra, And New Offer Types A cool feature of PWA apps for affiliate marketing is the ability to set up auto-push and push installs into regs and deposit for a long time to come. So, the account collects the maximum traffic in a short time, and then the app for affiliate marketing starts to work for a long time.

Stay tuned, get ready to catch the next selection of the best affiliate marketing cases of 2022!
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