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Google showed a new Google Ads interface

Howdy, guys! The time of important and inevitable updates in Google is coming, which means that there will be new opportunities for publishers to get profit. This time, the corporation decided to change the boring design of the advertising boards that we see daily through our laptop screens. So, what's inside the Google's plan?
Google showed a new Google Ads interface
Recently, during the Google Marketing Live 2023 event, Google management presented new achievements in the field of AI for Google Ads.

The corporation has made it its mission to make it easy for advertisers and merchants to create custom product images, manage creative assets, improve ad relevancy, and scale campaigns.

It is planned that AI will analyze landing pages and ads, compacting the content to create relevant keywords, titles, descriptions, images and other creative resources for Google Ads campaigns.

Google managers "accidentally" showed how ads can be placed higher or lower in the search engine rankings. From now on, promotional products will be judged based on an AI-generated list of the best products. 
Google showed a new Google Ads interface
Over the next few months, Google will be testing a smart technology directly integrated into AI-powered snapshots and conversations.

The corporation's experiments will also focus on up-to-date ad formats using generative AI to share relevant, high-quality ads.

In addition, Google has reaffirmed its commitment to transparency by making sure that advertisements remain distinct from regular search results with a bold "Sponsorship" label.
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