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AI vs. Human battle: who makes better creos: marketer or robots army?

Howdy guys! It had to happen. Technophobia of AI bots that will enslave humanity is replaced by curiosity. Is AI (Artificial intelligence) good enough to compete with us? Can AI become a publisher or marketing manager, what is your point? Borzo decided to check it by allocating 19k USD for the test and creating 2 sets of advertising creos for Facebook, Instagram and Google. Who won the battle: a team of marketing managers, designers and copywriters or your routine trinity: ChatGPT, MidJourney and DALL-E, let's find out.
AI vs. Human battle: who makes better creos: marketer or robots army?
Courier delivery service Borzo decided to allocate some budget to test AI in advertising campaigns. We can only imagine the tense pressure on the company's creative department, which had to compete with the quality and speed of the algorithms of a couple of AI robots.

The company devoted a total advertising budget of $19,000, which was split between $12,700 for affiliate traffic from Google Ads and $6,300 for Facebook. Business managers divided the budgets approximately 50/50 and launched in parallel within a month.

The adv banners were created by ChatGPT, who made a tech task for MidJourney and DALL-E to grow creatives, and the final result was created in Viewst, an analog of Canva, but with advanced fonts, templates, and automatization.

The marketing team consisted of copywriters and designers. PPC specialists were common for both campaigns because someone has to launch all the campaigns, pass via moderation and evaluate the results.

AI vs. Human battle: who makes better creos: marketer or robots army? Facebook test showed that AI-generated banners attracted more user attention, but generated fewer leads than human-made ads. CTR on AI banners was 3 times higher than on human-made banners, while banners from the marketing team have collected 9.5 times more customers than AI. The cost of CAC (Customer Acquisition Cost) on AI banners was 2.5 times higher.

According to Borzo, AI-generated ads are more effective at "capturing" human attention than real customers, despite high ad spending. Human-made banners attracted less affiliate traffic but saved the budget and attracted potential clients.
A Google Ads campaign showed that AI banners with text had a 26% lower CAC compared to human-made text banners and a 32% better VTC (View-Through Conversion), despite AI banners showing a worse CTR.

It took the marketing team 4 days to prepare everything needed to launch the business manager in Google Ads, while with the AI, all the preliminary work was completed in 4 hours.

As you can see, AI is not a “freebie” button, but a simple tool that can solve your problems if you formulate the request correctly. And at the same time, you should not rely too much on its options, because you run ads for your budget.
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