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Traffic Nomads: advertising network with a self-service platform

Hello guys! It isn't a breeze to find a good push ads network, so to avoid ball kicking, it is better to turn to those who are already senior in their field. For example, MOBIPIUM group has long been known in the affiliate marketing community, and one of its projects is Traffic Nomads. This is an advertising network where you are supported not only with word, but also in deed. Besides the fact that lads offer to use their own push-notification traffic, they also satisfy with support service. The internal media buying team tests different GEOs and creates sales funnels, so they are ready to give their clients qualified tips on optimizing advertising campaigns. Join us for details and a promo code that will make your acquaintance with Traffic Nomads even more pleasant.
Traffic Nomads: advertising network with a self-service platform

Introduction to Traffic Nomads

Traffic Nomads is an advertising network (AdNet) of push, pop, in-page notifications, banners, and native ads by MOBIPIUM from Portugal, which has a key influence in the affiliate marketing industry. Traffic Nomads has its own exclusive base of 50 million push notification users and supports 6 ad formats.

Traffic Nomads: advertising network with a self-service platform
Traffic Nomads was launched in 2020, and the team has been in media buying niche for 10 years. During this time, lads have grown into experienced media buyers who are ready to share their knowledge and methods to help clients achieve the desired results in their projects.

AdNet offers its partners to use modern technologies to monetize affiliate traffic and increase their own ROI.

Traffic Nomads customers receive weekly personalized optimization and media buying tips, and AdNet's internal media buying team regularly tests new GEOs, offer types, and sales funnels. Thanks to high exp and constant self-improvement, Traffic Nomads knows what to offer its partners and how to improve their KPI effectively.

There are 6 popular advertising formats in this AdNet:
  • Push Notifications - is a "classic" format, small notes that pop up on the user's device screen even when he is not surfing the web;
  • In-Page Push Notifications is a relatively new ad format that resembles classic push notifications, but instead of rolling on the user's device, they appear on the website they are browsing. The advantage of the format is that the operating system of a person's gadget does not matter here. He will receive a notification even if he operates Apple;
  • POPs are new browser tabs that rise above the main or active window when the user scrolls through a web page;
Traffic Nomads: advertising network with a self-service platform
  • Calendar is a new ad format where ads are displayed using the Calendar app. The ad looks like a regular reminder note, but it leads to a landing page with an offer. The format is convenient because it is still new and not hackneyed among advertisers, and also makes it possible to bypass restrictions and advertise offers to owners of Apple;
  • Native Ads is a banner that organically fits into the content of the site being viewed by the user;
  • Banners - it is a standard banner that is a cost-effective way to show off your advertised products in a favorable way and attract an interested audience.
Traffic Nomads: advertising network with a self-service platform Traffic Nomads has been designed for all types of advertisers: maverick ad buyers, digital marketing agencies, and content providers.

Available payment models for traffic are CPC and CPM.

With the platform's help, you can get mainstream and adult affiliate traffic worldwide. Since the company was founded, the most popular trends have been and remain casinos, sweepstakes, betting, Forex, applications (CPI) and mobile subscriptions (VAS).

Traffic Nomads: advertising network with a self-service platform If you work with one of these niches or seek an advertising network with reliable support, focus on Traffic Nomads. The platform may delight you with its sources and help you achieve the desired results.

Advertising opportunities

  • Base of push-subscriptions;
  • Premium-class worldwide sources verified by the internal mediabuying team of Traffic Nomads;
  • Presence of experienced managers who will help you to achieve your goals;
  • Customer support service: weekly you will receive individual tips on optimization and media buying niches from the Traffic Nomads team;
  • Smart self-service platform and several targeting options;
  • Large options of advertising formats suitable for different purposes and characteristics of the target audience.

Traffic Nomads dashboard overview

After registration and authorization in the advertising network, you will get to your account. To create an advertising campaign, on the top bar, click "Create Campaign", and then select one of the appropriate advertising formats.

Traffic Nomads: advertising network with a self-service platform
Give your campaign a name and choose the type of affiliate traffic you need – mainstream, adult/dating, or both. Don't forget to check if your ad campaign should run after the approval or if it needs to be paused.

Traffic Nomads: advertising network with a self-service platform The next step is targeting. Specify the GEO, connection type, affiliate traffic type, OS and devices used by the audience.

Traffic Nomads: advertising network with a self-service platform
The following step is setting the browser type, frequency limits, white and black lists of sources, sites and IP (the lists can be configured immediately or after you have the necessary data).

Traffic Nomads: advertising network with a self-service platform Then select the level of user activity (low, medium or high) and set up the timing of ads.

Traffic Nomads: advertising network with a self-service platform
Below is the budget options: set the parameters for daily ad spend, PPC and estimate the amount of available affiliate traffic on the chart that will appear in front of you. Set the cost per conversion in the box and check the menu next to "Auto" if the price fluctuates, or "Fixed" if it is stable.

Traffic Nomads: advertising network with a self-service platform The final stage is the creation of ad publications, the requirements for which will differ depending on the format you choose. Upload the creative, write the text, add buttons if necessary, double-check and, if everything is ok, click "Submit Campaign".

Traffic Nomads recommends adding at least 3 ad variations, which should be updated every 7 days to keep CTR alive.

At the bottom of the page, there is a field for the advertised link and Postback URL. You need to use all the macros required by the web, add them to your link, and return the click ID when converting with the Postback URL.

Traffic Nomads: advertising network with a self-service platform
The results of the work will be in the "Campaign Stats&Optmization" section. It displays all the necessary indicators for analytics and optimization of your advertising campaign. In addition, every 7 days you will receive competent advice on working with the advertising campaign from the competent media buying company Traffic Nomads.
Traffic Nomads: advertising network with a self-service platform The office is simple and intuitive. If you have any difficulties at any of the stages, look at the FAQs or contact your manager - he will 100% help you. Its contact is located in the lower left corner of the control panel.

Traffic Nomads Benefits

  • Variety options of advertising formats;
  • It is possible to advertise popular offer ttypes: betting, Forex, gambling, dating and app installs;
  • Availability of premium affiliate traffic worldwide;
  • Despite the fact that the platform is designed for self-service, there is the support service (personal manager);
  • Advanced targeting settings;
  • Weekly ad optimization tips from Traffic Nomads;
  • Low balance propensity. The minimum amount that you need to refill the advertising account is $50. Your advertising cabinet will work well until you have $20 left on your balance. When there is less than this amount on the account, the volume of supplied afiliate traffic will decrease;
  • Availability of promotions and discount promo codes for customers.

How to replenish the advertising account?

In order for your advertising to start working, you have not only successfully pass the approval, but also refund your advertising account. This can be done with "Add Funds" button on the top panel of the account.

To refill the balance, such payment systems as Capitalist, Wire Transfer, PAXUM, Credit Card and PayPal are available. The minimum deposit amount is $50. Traffic Nomands recommends depositing at least $200-300 for tests and optimization in order to evaluate all the features of the ad network.

When your account balance is less than $20, the volume of supplied affiliate traffic will decrease, so it's better to carefully check the status of your account and not risk your earnings.

As a welcome bonus, Traffic Nomads gives you an additional 15% on your payment. To do this, contact the AdNet support service by e-mail and indicate the promotional code GDENOM.

Share a successful case and get $200 to your Traffic Nomads balance

If you start partnering with Traffic Nomads, spend more than $250 on advertising and get a minimum ROI of 30% in a maximum of 1 month, you will have a chance to get $200 in your balance.

Your task is to share your story with ad network support service Just do not forget about the details and screenshots confirming the profit received. Details of the promotion can be found on the Traffic Nomads website.


Traffic Nomads is a popular Portuguese AdNet with over 10 years of experience in the global market. The team offers you cooperation that involves the use of a ready-made push subscription data and its own worldwide push notification affiliate traffic.

In the dashboard you will find several popular advertising formats and a numerous of useful tools for your project. The platform is simple and intuitive, so cooperation with Traffic Nomads should not be tough. If ifor some reason it will be difficult for you to figure it out, feel free to write to the manager - he will support and give good tips.

Don't forget that even now you can use our promo code and get 15% on top of your account replenishment. And if you get a profit, you have a chance to snatch another $200 into your account. Don't let the information pass you by, join Traffic Nomads and get all possible bonuses!
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